Container Port nearing capacity

The Freeport Container Port, one of the largest employment entities on the island, is rebounding. Last October, Hurricane Matthew severely damaged equipment at FCP. The handling capacity was thus reduced significantly and accordingly transshipment business decreased.


In Thursday’s Freeport News, published was a picture of the landing process. Two new super mobile harbor cranes will now be in service and boost the workload necessary for moving the huge containers on and off docked vessels.


Particular expertise is imperative for the handling of the cranes. To that end, FPC ensures that operators are fully trained and continually updated on the best methods of maneuvering the cranes. In fact, according to FPC, recently five employees were afforded training in Germany in advance of the arrival of the super mobile equipment.


All things considered, it difficult to make the case that FCP does not play an extremely meaningful role in helping to stabilize the economy of the island through a substantial work force factor and a progressive relationship with employees.


FPC is often embattled as union representatives, engage in criticisms regarding working conditions, safety measures etc. There are no perfect situations in this world and no doubt matters surface, that FCP executives are best minded to address from time to time in favor of the employees. Generally though, the Ministry of Labor, has investigated procedures at FCP to a great extent and there are no instances of reprimand on record.


We see FCP getting new equipment and nearing its full capacity, as a good sign regarding the overall restoration process in Grand Bahama, post Hurricane Matthew. Quite frankly, the proactive initiative should be accepted as such. The Freeport News has been informed that bringing in new equipment will be an ongoing aspect of FCP’s approach to revitalizing its operation.


The reality is that as the restoration is heightened at FCP, shipping clients will be able to make more demands in terms of containers being handled; business will accordingly be boosted; present employment will be solidified; and there will be opportunities for increased employment.


That’s all good, we think.


Published  Friday, February 10, 2017 

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