Commissioner launches Tactical, Defensive Driving Course for Northern Bahamas units

TRAINING LAUNCHED – Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle launched the Tactical Training and Defensive Driving Course for some 60 officers in Grand Bahama Monday (July 6) morning, at the Albert Miller Police Complex. (PHOTO: SHAYNE STUBBS)

Some 60 Grand Bahama and Northern Division officers will participate in a Tactical Training and Defensive Driving Course under the supervision of highly trained senior law enforcers, over the next several weeks.

The program which got underway Monday (July 6) afternoon, was launched by the Commissioner of Police (COP) Paul Rolle.

In attendance were RBPF officials, as well as members of the Bahamas Customs Department and the Bahamas Department of Immigration, who were invited to have representatives participate.

Rolle noted that the training exercises are paramount to meeting the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s (RBPF) mandate of creating safer communities for all to work and play. 

“We have gathered here this morning to launch this training, here in the North, which we have been doing in Nassau for the last month and change,” said the COP.

“I want you to know that we do not see Grand Bahama any different, from a policing perspective, than we see police officers in Nassau, the Cays and throughout the Family Islands. It is my intention, essentially, to afford every officer an opportunity for training.”

“One of the things that I said to the Director of Immigration and the Comptroller of Customs, in selecting persons for the tactical training, was that we wanted them to bring persons who are relatively fit because the program calls for a physical fitness and physical workouts,” he noted. 

Speaking directly to the participants, he continued: “You are going to be expected to learn some firearm training; you are going to be expected to be doing a lot of physical training, getting up at 4:00 a.m., that is what tactical training is all about. 

“During the tactical training you will be learning about the use and operation of the various firearm arrests, tactics and the proper way for restraints in dealing with suspects. That is what this is all about,” Rolle explained.

“We also have those officers who have been selected for the defensive driving course, because we have invested your money, a couple million dollars, for the purchase of the Dodge Chargers interceptors. One of those cars outfitted, costs $85,000.00.  I do not think that $85,000.00 is too much to help the officers in Freeport (Grand Bahama) fight crime. That is why I sent them. 

“I am looking to order some more of them, and while we wait on those. I believe that you know by now, approval has been granted for the acquisition of 20 of the 2021 Ford Explorer interceptors that are going to be sent here to Grand Bahama and Abaco. We are trying to get your fleet back up to where it was and better. We also have some Toyota Four Runners that will be coming your way also,” revealed the commissioner. 

He added that the government has also provided the technologies that will surpass what the RBPF now has.  

“You will see the expansion of CCT television here in the north and more. 

“In addition, Body Cams, trained dogs and other law enforcement advancements in technology will be introduced to the Force in the very near future. 

“These are the things that we are doing to try and improve your work throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. I want to remind you that in all that we do, the role of the police is constantly being monitored by members of the public.

“And so, yes, your training is going to prepare you, but you must also remember that when you complete it and go and interact with members of the public, that the public weigh-in on whether or not you are behaving right or if you are behaving wrong. 

“I just want to encourage all officers to always do that which is right; familiarize yourselves with the laws and with the regulations of what you can do and what you cannot do. 

“I also encourage persons in the various agencies, customs and immigration that are present with us today, to take advantage of this training that is being afforded to you. I have also extended to the Comptroller (of Customs) and the Director (of Immigration), other opportunities of training moving forward,” said Rolle.

He pointed that the challenges would be enormous.

“As we move forward in the advancements of law enforcements, you are going to be challenged; but as you are challenged to do that which we ask you to do in preparation to police the country. The criminal elements need to know that we are serious. The criminal elements need to know that it is not OK to commit crime, because they will not get away. 

“I want to see the level of success in Grand Bahama that we are now experiencing in Nassau. As I have stated before, I believe that very soon criminals will be afraid to rob. I can tell you today, that we have been experiencing, arrests shortly after murders, arrests shortly after armed robberies, within minutes suspects arrested.  And, that is what I expect to see throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, until it gets to a point where persons will be afraid to commit crime,” said the Commissioner. 

He continued: “As I declare these trainings open today, I want to say to you that we are here to support you; all three of our agencies, the police, customs and immigration. 

“We are here to keep this country safe and this is just what Policing 101 is all about.” 

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