More cold weather expected

Residents can expect more unsettling weather this week, said Senior Meteorology Kirk James of the Department of Meteorology.

According to James, unsettling or inclement weather is expected to continue for portions of the area and cool-chilly air will be exiting before the next cold front, which is expected to impact the Northern Bahamas sometime Saturday, January 13.

In an interview with this daily yesterday – Wednesday, January 10 – James said that although a cold front is expected to move in on Saturday, residents should expect a brief warm up before that.

He said that today (Thursday) would be the beginning of the warm up.

“Friday is going to be near 80 again or 80-82, then the temperature is going to go down after the passage on Saturday, initially in the seventies and then at night it’s going to be 60 and below,” he said.

He added that this incoming cold front system will not be as strong as the last one.

This Friday (January 12), residents can expect partly sunny weather that is a bit windy and humid along with isolated showers. A thunderstorm advisory is issued to small crafts and caution may still be needed as winds will be southerly 10-20 knots with higher gusts expected. Local seas at two-to-four feet, but around seven feet east of the Abacos. The gulf stream is expected to be at two-to-four feet with occasional seas to five feet. The cold front should occur later on Friday night and chilly weather will continue into the following week up to Tuesday (January 16).

“On Friday wind-wise, winds will be pretty light,” he said.

According to forecasters, today’s weather should be partly cloudy, breezy and humid outside the threat for isolated showers and a thunderstorm advisory: boaters should be alert for higher winds and seas with heavier convection winds: east to southeast 10-15 knots with higher gusts expected local seas: two-to-four feet, but around seven feet east of the Abacos.

On Wednesday the weather was forecasted to have high pressure off to the east would have continued the southeasterly flow through today. Troughs of low pressure over the eastern gulf and Northwest Bahamas would drift eastward and eventually shift the inclement weather over areas east and southeast of the northern islands.

The weather was also determined to be cloudy to overcast and slightly muggy right into tonight with a good chance for convection early, occurs when heat is transferred through a gas or liquid by the hotter material moving into a cooler area. In meteorology, it is the transfer of heat and other atmospheric properties by the movement of masses of air, particularly in an upward direction.

This is sometimes heavy advisory: small craft caution may still be needed winds: east through south 10 knots with higher gusts with heavier convection local seas: 1 to 3 feet but around 7 feet east of the Abacos gulf stream: 2 to 3 with occasional seas to 5 feet swells.

He furthered that the island received less than half an inch of rain on Monday (January 8), and only half an inch of rain on Tuesday (January 9) and almost half an inch of rain on Wednesday (January 10).

“This weather pattern was caused by a surface trough over the Gulf of Mexico, Florida and the Northwest Bahamas,” he said.

Grand Bahama has been experiencing inclement weather for the first weeks of 2018. This weather caused various incidents on Wednesday (January 3) including a plane overturning at the FBO (Fixed Base Operations) of the Grand Bahama International Airport and the Grand Celebration cruise ship “hitting the dock” at the Freeport Harbour.

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