Christie uncertain of campaign tactic against Dr. Minnis

Recently in this space, we revealed the proposed plan by the Progressive Liberal Party to focus on the fighting within the Official Opposition Party Free National Movement as its primary campaign tactic, leading up to the general elections later this year.


We presented readers with information that the Prime Minister had authorized the return of several veteran foreign marketing ladies to spearhead the PLP’s campaign strategy. It was determined that the best option for the governing PLP was to go after Dr. Minnis and paint him as someone unable to convince members of his own party of his ability to lead, efficiently.


Unfortunately for Christie and company, Dr, Minnis, since that fateful day in December of last year, when Loretta Butler-Turner behind the support of fellow Gang of Seven members was officially declared Official Opposition Leader, has gone from strength to strength in political market value.


On the other hand, in a curious and really bizarre fashion, the Butler-Turner faction experienced quite the political meltdown. They carry the Official Opposition status now only in name. They are ignored as a meaningful political entity. Meanwhile Dr. Minnis seems to have broadened his support base in the party and has gained outside respect for his handling of the situation created by the Gang of Seven.


So, interestingly enough, there is an emboldened Dr. Hubert Minnis who is casting a wide shadow over Bahamian politics at the moment.


Targeting him on the campaign trail might not be the way for the PLP to go.


It might in fact, work to Dr. Minnis’ benefit if the PLP goes after him.


Presently, compared to Christie, Dr. Minnis is looking as good as he ever has throughout this political tenure.  There were times, when Christie’s political stature simply dwarfed Dr. Minnis. The FNM leader did at times seem out of the big leagues, politically. He appeared to be a minor political player seeking to measure up to an arena giant.


That’s not the case now.


Now, many questions are out there regarding Christie’s leadership ability. The direction he is taking the country, does not appeal to a lot of Bahamians. On his watch, many Bahamians are suffering. Thousands, we believe, have lost hope of a return to a comfort zone. The discouraged, the disillusioned and the disappointed, include a goodly percentage of people who once supported Christie and the PLP.


Even those tied mentally, and emotionally to a PLP culture, are unhappy with Christie’s penchant for embracing political enemies while failing to give PLPs a hand up.


Christie puts the threat out there of going after Dr. Minnis, but turning the campaign into a one-on-one battle between he and the FNM leader might not be best for the PLP. Actually, we understand that in PLP circles, that strategy is being reconsidered.


Uncertainty now abounds.


Published  Tuesday, February 28, 2017 

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