Changes on the agenda says new BEMU Area Vice President

FRAZETTE GIBSON, new elected BEMU Area Vice-President and Kendris Hield, Vice-Principal of Jack Hayward Junior High School.

Senior Mistress at the Eight Mile Rock High School Frazette Gibson, was voted in as the new Bahamas Education Managerial Union (BEMU) Area Vice President for Grand Bahama following elections on Friday, April 12 at the Ministry of Education local office.

Gibson spoke with this daily, sharing her plans for the future in the new post.

“I proposed a few changes,” she said, “one of them being, to address the inadequate number of administrative curriculum officers on the island.

“I think we only have about two left and so, we have no senior persons in those disciplines to go to the various schools and assist those teachers, especially new teachers, in the areas of Science, Mathematics and Social Studies.”  

Gibson shared that one of her other concerns is the reclassification in salary assessments of administrators who have been in office along with issues of career advancement, lack of resources and workshops and quarterly meetings that have not been scheduled. 

She also shared how it felt to be elected. 

“I feel honored and privileged to have gained the trust of my colleagues to represent them,” Gibson said. 

She also wished her former opponents the very best of luck for the future. 

Former BEMU Area Vice President and Principal of Maurice Moore Primary School, Tammi Ellis-Elliott, spoke about the election process. 

She stated that Friday’s election is occurring nationally for various positions, including President. “It’s a simple process, you bring in your identification and you vote for the candidate of your choice.” 

She revealed that most of the duties involved ensuring that administrators have a good working environment and that no one is disenfranchised. 

Noting that there are 57 administrators in Grand Bahama who are financial members of BEMU, Ellis-Elliott said, “We are hoping that they all come out to vote.” 

Ellis-Elliott was in the running once again for the position, along with Gibson, Kendris Hield and Keith Barr.  

Hield, who is the Vice Principal of Jack Hayward Junior High School said that he wanted to run for Area Vice President, because he hopes to be a part of  the dynamic team which make decisions concerning administration. 

“We’ll be looking at such things as allowances, pay raises, transportation for principals, superintendents and senior officers,” he said. 

According to Hield, these aspects of the position contributes to improving school conditions for administrators.

“Ultimately, for us it’s about the children; but if the leaders for institutions aren’t comfortable, then of course, they cannot lead the people to where they need to be,” he said. 

“For example, with regards to the implementation of technology into the school, administrators want to ensure that there is proper funding for equipment that can use this technology within the schools.”

BEMU elections are held every two years.

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