Celebrity Chef Ed Harris to ‘chop it up’ at Fifth Culinary Fusion

Organizers of the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Minds Culinary Fusion revealed plans and activities for the event that is set to take place next month at the Grand Lucayan Resort.

One of the island’s premier events, which provides its attendees with an experience of fused Bahamian flavors – Meeting of the Minds: Culinary Fusion Expo – is scheduled for Saturday, November 11, 2017 revealed, Sean Johnson and Jillian Lightbourne, Culinary Fusion President and Vice President and PR Manager, respectively.

Culinary Fusion Expo, which celebrates its Fifth Anniversary this year and promises to leave patrons mesmerized, gets underway at 4:00 p.m. at the Grand Lucayan Resort.

The event which also provides a boost to the local economy while showcasing many of the best and brightest culinary sector on Grand Bahama, is already shaping up to be an experience locals, visitors and food, and beverage professionals are keen not to miss, said Lightbourne.

During a press briefing at the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) Lightbourne revealed, “Culinary Fusion turns five this year and we are super excited that we have established the Meeting of the Minds: Culinary Fusion Expo as a premier, staple event in Grand Bahama.

“We have tons of new and exciting features planned for the community and sincerest gratitude is extended to our partners, which includes the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), Ministry of Tourism (MOT), Commonwealth Brewery/Burnshouse Group of Companies, the Home Design Center, Bahamian Brewery and Beverages and Mobile Go that will have a hand in making the event a grand success on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at the Grand Lucayan Resort.

“Definitely we want to thank our vendors that have been with us from the onset of the Culinary Fusion Expo as well as newcomers, who are looking forward to participating this year.”

GBPA Business Development Senior Manager Derek Newbold noted that as a key partner and sponsor of Culinary Fusion, it is critically important for the GBPA to continue supporting events and initiatives of such a dynamic nature, which help to stimulate local economic activity.

Newbold expressed gratitude to all local businesses as well as stakeholders who continue to support the premier event annually, helping it to remain a success in the Grand Bahama community.

“Indeed, I believe that this year’s Culinary Fusion event is going to be bigger, better and grander than all those previously held; even though annually it is hard to grasp the concept that organizers could possibly exceed the success garnered but amazingly they do.

“Definitely, the GBPA is excited about the unique twist that will be added to Culinary Fusion this November and we are encouraging the public to lend their support,” said Newbold.

Highlighting a few of the remarkable features planned for the 2017 the Meeting of the Minds: Culinary Fusion Expo was LaShawn Dames, GBPA Invest Grand Bahama Small Business Bureau (IGBSBB) Business Services Manager.

She noted that Food Network’s Season 4 Chopped and Iron Chef International Champion Celebrity Chef Ed Harris will travel to Grand Bahama to participate in the event and put his culinary skills, abilities and years of experience to the test against Bahamian chefs in a cook-off.

According to Dames, “We are most excited to have the opportunity to have two, local Bahamian chefs’ face-off against Chef Harris, matching their skills against such a high caliber chef.

“Chef Harris is internationally renowned and recognized in the food industry; therefore, we expect the Culinary Fusion Expo to be a completely awesome event and participants can look forward to an amazing show.”

She added, “Every year the mixology is wonderful, the food is superb and the venue like last year is absolutely terrific!
“Furthermore, the venue is conducive to an easy flow and we are definitely elated to see Culinary Fusion turn five years old, which of course is a major milestone.

“On behalf of the IGBSBB Department, the GBPA extends appreciation to all local businesses especially the small ones that continue to render unwavering support to Culinary Fusion making it grander each year as well as special thanks is given to local and international patrons.”

Enthused by the wide cross section of offerings and opportunities, which will be available at the Meeting of the Minds: Culinary Fusion Expo, partner represents inclusive of Commonwealth Brewery/Burnshouse Group of Companies Clement Knowles, the Home Design Center Neka Thompson, Bahamian Brewery and Beverages Krissy Hepburn, Mobile Go Kimberley McIntosh and Kosha Ltd. LaVaren and Letitia Glass invited all and sundry to experience the creativity, charm, excitement and phenomenal quality this year’s event is guaranteed to provide.

MOT Groups and Events Manager Sanique Culmer also endorsed.

“Indeed Culinary Fusion attracts a diverse group of residents and visitors encouraging them to come together through common interest and everyday similarities.

“The Culinary Fusion Expo provides a platform for millennials, business-to-business and people opportunities whereby they can build upon ideas to promote healthy competition.”

Thanking the Grand Bahama community for supporting Meeting of the Minds: Culinary Fusion Expo, Johnson said, he is proud to see how far the event has come and it is only a success because of the partners and most importantly vendors, who invested in the vision he had to assist in diversifying the creative, professional brand of The Bahamas’ second city.

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