Butler-Turner an enigma

To put it quite simply, Loretta Butler-Turner is a riddle. She is an enigma. Her statements are puzzling. Her words indicate one thing and her actions another. Unfortunately for her and to an appreciable degree, Bahamian politics of the day, Butler-Turner does not seem to understand and does not appear willing to accept the truth regarding the fractured opposition forces.


It was Butler-Turner who was cemented in a key role within the Free National Movement when she bested Desmond Bannister to become the party’s deputy leader, under Dr. Hubert Minnis.


Butler-Turner subsequently determined she should be leader. That is her right and she had a lot of supporters as she embarked upon the historic challenge. She lost badly but continued to agitate for leadership, eventually succeeding with the help of six others to oust Dr. Minnis from the Official Opposition Leadership in the House of Assembly.


It has turned out to be a hallow victory for Butler-Turner and the rest of the Gang of Seven.


Interestingly enough, with her recent background of pushing forth for leadership, she dares utter the following comment, according to a report:


“Until we actually determine that the country is more important than each of us as individuals, we will probably end up with what we have.”


There are many in the country who no doubt consider Butler-Turner to be the main culprit, unable to recognize that the country is indeed more important than the zealous agenda of any individual.


Reportedly also, she said:


“I think the DNA, the FNM, the United People’s Movement the Gatekeepers, whatever opposition forces that are out there, we are not each other’s enemies. So, if calmer heads would prevail, I’m sure that those dialogues can happen. But, of course, it takes calm heads for that to happen.”


Butler-Turner definitely sounds as though she is in deep denial. Certainly, she is not thought to be one of those “calm heads” based what she has been known to say and do.


One could easily form the view, because of Butler-Turner’s background in politics, these last four years in particular, that her political ambition overrides calmness and a willingness to be a part of a group, if she is not the lead person, the chief.


We can say that Butler-Turner is in political limbo now, without a strong party base, because the vast majority of FNMs, are not comfortable with her attitude. They don’t think of her as one with the calm head.


Published  Friday, February 24, 2017 

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