Burrows Home for the Aged receives much-needed donation

700 Partners Organization Founder and Executive directors Ginger Moxey

Burrows Home for the Aged Administrator Irene Burrows humbly accepted much-needed donations courtesy of 700 Partners Organization Founder and Executive directors Ginger Moxey, Karen Ferguson-Bain and Yolanda Hanna, respectively this past Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Dedicated to reaching those in need and restoring infrastructure that creates better communities, the 700 Partners Organization presented Burrows, who has been operating the assisted care facility for the past 15 years with premium quality bed pads and disposable undergarments.

According to Ferguson-Bain, “Today, after learning of the unselfish devotion of Ms. Burrows and all she has done over the years to keep the Home opened to those in need, we decided to donate supplies that would assist with the daily operations of this facility.

“Definitely, we want Ms. Burrows to know that we care and appreciate all she continues to do and this is just one small way to offer our thanks.

“We have been made to understand that the Home has challenges with its operations especially as it regards keeping the day-to-day basic necessities available to residents here.

“Currently, Burrows Home for the Aged has 14 persons in addition to children whom Ms. Burrows and her staff provide 24-hour care and assistance hence we have done our best to help ease a bit of the strain.”

Many residents of Burrows Home for the Aged are elderly, handicapped and/or bedridden and it has become increasingly tedious to provide bed pads, disposable undergarments and other supplies typically utilized by Burrows and her staff to care for each one.

As a matter of fact, Burrows revealed that she had ran out of bed pads and had been awaiting a supply to be shipped to Grand Bahama from New Providence on the mail boat, therefore, once she received a phone call from the 700 Partners Organization wishing to make a donation she was indeed overjoyed.

“Certainly the generous donation made here by the 700 Partners Organization could not have come at a better time, as for the past two weeks I have been awaiting a shipment of disposable bed pads, which I order from a wholesale agency in Nassau, New Providence to arrive.

“Thankfully, today the Burrows Home for the Aged has been blessed by this donation, which will help to meet the needs of residents here, most of whom have to use bed pads and disposable undergarments.

“Within the past two weeks there has been a spike in the cost of the Home’s utility bills as far as water and electricity are concerned because without the disposable bed pads, my staff and I had to double efforts in washing the bedding for those bedridden and through no fault of their own have (bowel) accidents.

“Any assistance we can get from the wider community be it food items, laundry and household cleaning supplies, shoes and clothing, bedding as well as personal hygiene items would be greatly appreciated.

“We provide 24-hour care for residents here and I would like to personally thank Ms. Ferguson-Bain, Ms. Moxey and Ms. Hanna as well as their partners for helping us, as these items were desperately needed.

“Personally, I have a passion for caring for those who cannot help themselves, especially our ‘Precious Pearls.’ And anyone, who can assist us here at Burrows Home for the Aged through donations as well as taking the time to simply visit our residents, read a book to them or utilize their professional skills to help repair damages to the roof, which we have had to contend with since the passage of Hurricane Matthew or care for the lawn and garden, it would truly be appreciated,” declared Burrows.

The 700 Partners Organization continues to help people in need in a very real way as the needs of those less fortunate and/or disenfranchised is great, noted Hanna, who along with Moxey implored Corporate Grand Bahama to unite and render assistance to Burrows Home for the Aged as well as other organizations like it that provide loving care to people every day.

Hanna noted that the unselfish service Burrows provides must not be overlooked and should not be underappreciated although sadly, oftentimes it is.

“The support Ms. Burrows has unselfishly provided for the past 15 years to those who call Burrows Home for the Aged their haven should not go unappreciated.

“Definitely you can see that she has a love for people and is committed to providing care for elderly and disabled persons who may not have family or would not have anywhere else to turn.

“Please Corporate Grand Bahama come and see for yourself the needs Burrows Home for the Aged has and find a way to offer assistance do not just take our word for it; any thing you or your company, civic organization or church can do to help surely would be appreciated.

“Again the needs here are real and Ms. Burrows and her team cannot do it alone we all need to pitch in and help, truly Grand Bahama these residents need you!

“While we are appreciative of all she has done and continues to do, she needs to know that you care and you will support her efforts in this labor of love toward our precious pearls and little darlings that depend on the service Burrows Home for the Aged provides 24-hours day, seven days a week and 12 months in each year,” declared Hanna.

700 Partners Organization Founder Moxey noted that no donation would be too big or too small to assist the Home and she too encouraged all who can to step up and help one person, one community project at a time, which is the goal of the non-profit organization in its mission to creating better communities through partnerships.

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