Brazen bandit leaves ‘cheeky’ note

Store Manager, Cherise Butler displaying one of several similar items stolen, during the robbery at Prescription Parlour Pharmacy, EMR. (PHOTOS: SHARELL LOCKHART)

Prescription Parlour Pharmacy has been providing trusted, professional service to the West Grand Bahama community for the past 18 years, revealed Registered Pharmacist Natasha Smith, who sadly informed this daily that bandits burglarized the establishment this past Monday, July 17, 2017 forcing business operations to be significantly delayed.

Carting off a wide cross section of stolen goods, the bandits caused over $6,000.00 in damages at Prescription Parlour Pharmacy, which recently expanded its service operations just ahead of Hurricane Matthew nearly 10 months ago.

Components of a state-of-the-art closed-circuit television surveillance and security monitoring system that was scheduled to be installed 48 hours before the shop break-in occurred was also stolen by the bandits, who left behind a rather cheeky note for the staff of Prescription Parlour Pharmacy which read, “I don’t steel I just was having fun! Thanx!”

Disappointed by the entire ordeal, Smith said, “Yesterday (Monday, July 17) at 6:45 a.m. the staff entered the pharmacy and at first sight everything appeared fine however, as we made our way to the rear office area to disarm the alarm, we met the ripped off the wall and onto the floor.

“Immediately, we noticed that in certain sections of the pharmacy items were missing and both the dispensary and office were vandalized.

“The culprits stole several cases of Enfamil baby formula, approximately 150 boxes of male enhancement supplements (Gou Qi Capsules, Stiff Rox, Ancient Chinese Restoration- Cordyceps Sinensis pills etc.,) as well as all Krazy Glue, lighters, packs of batteries and miniature flashlights that were on the shelves at the front of the store.

“Of course this has caused a serious financial setback to the pharmacy as recently, we moved into a much larger shop space to cater to the consistent request of customers throughout Eight Mile Rock proper and West Grand Bahama, who beseeched management to expand its operations by running a mini-convenience store within the pharmacy.

“As most are aware, the community has been without a proper grocery store for the past several years hence Prescription Parlour Pharmacy has done its best to ensure that we meet this need and fulfill the requests brought to us by the community with which we share a closely knit bond.”

Customers of the Prescription Parlour Pharmacy praise the business as the best in the Grand Bahama community, as all staff members which includes Leonie Minnis, Cherise Butler, Delora Forbes, Marilyn Bartlett, Rejoiner Wilson, Shanda Simmons, Forest “Woody” Sweeting and Smith always go beyond the call of duty to offer professional, top quality, friendly service which is a standard of the neighborhood drug store.

As a matter of fact, the Prescription Parlour Pharmacy staff knows almost every customer/resident by name hence for those in the community learning of the burglary, many have expressed sadness and disappointment as well as others have openly noted that the unconscionable act is not sitting well with them, Smith revealed.

Issuing a plea to the wider community, Smith encouraged anyone with any information to report it to the Royal Bahamas Police Force, “Definitely, I believe that the culprits intend to sell the stolen items as they are popular merchandise that have a quick turnaround sale time.

“Honestly I do not believe the bandits are familiar with the store and in my opinion they seem to be very young but brazen as they did leave that cheeky note behind.

“Yes, we have had attempted break-ins in the past however, I cannot recall anyone breaking in and getting away with so much stolen goods or causing this much damage.

“Certainly we planned to enhance security here at Prescription Parlour Pharmacy and ironically, this break-in occurred two days before we were to install the state-of-the-art closed-circuit television surveillance and security monitoring system.

“The alarm has been re-installed and significantly upgraded since the break-in and we thank the police for responding expeditiously to our call, gathering all the evidence they would need to solve this case.

“Again if anyone in the community knows of any young person selling these items please notify the local police immediately.”

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