Bishop Simeon Hall: Do not take COVID-19 demon lightly


Referring to COVID-19 as a demon, well known Bahamian prelate, Bishop Simeon Hall, during an exclusive phone interview on Tuesday, October 13 with this daily, informed that he was feeling the best in the past four days, since discovering that he was COVID-19 positive.

He shared that upon visiting the hospital last week, he was informed that he had contracted the deadly virus.

“I am the preacher that God has made me to be, but I am ill in hospital. I came in for them to check one thing, only to be told that I had contracted the virus, and, so, I am in hospital and I am fighting it. What else can I do but just try to beat it? This is the best of the four days that I have felt.

“I want to call on Bahamians everywhere, who read this, let us do all that we can, to beat this demon and to fight against it.

“I am 73 years of age and so I knew that I was trying to dodge everything possible, but yet I contracted it, and so, I have to face it. I am doing my best to face it and beat it. I believe that the Lord will raise me up one more time and so that is what I am about.

“Bahamians, Grand Bahamians especially, need to take this thing quite more seriously and try their best to avoid it; whatever you can do. You have to make the personal sacrifices to do better.

“I look forward to coming and preaching in Grand Bahama again,” he said, with some optimism.

News of Hall’s illness broke on social media, over the long holiday weekend, some commenting that he was gravely ill.

Acknowledging that he and his relatives had a death, that of his brother last week, he asked Bahamians to continue to keep him and his family in prayer. 

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