BBCC expected to forge partnerships with entrepreneurs and investors

INTRODUCING BBCC – The Bahamas Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference (BBCC) 2018 was officially launched by the Office of the Prime Minister on Thursday morning at the Pelican Bay Resort. A number of government officials and private entities, inclusive of president of the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), Ian Rolle; Director of Customer Experience of Aliv, (title sponsor for the upcoming conference), Allison Levarity and Minister of State, the Office of the Prime Minister, Sen. J. Kwasi Thompson were present for the event. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Serving as keynote speaker at the official launch of the Bahamas Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference (BBCC) set to take place next month at the Grand Lucayan Convention Center, Sen. J. Kwasi Thomson, Minister of State for Grand Bahama, Office of the Prime Minister stated that The Bahamas is open for business and Grand Bahama, in particular, is ready to embrace the evolution of technology along with the rest of the world.

“I am pleased to announce the Bahamas Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference, which is designed to attract investors, entrepreneurs, service providers and tech companies from all over the world that are focused on making investments, starting and developing companies, and building business relationships with blockchain technology.

“Further, the BBCC will provide The Bahamas, particularly Grand Bahama, with the opportunity to present itself to the world as a jurisdiction that has established framework, financial and immigration policies that are favorable for technology and Financial Technology (FinTech) companies that want to incorporate and be domiciled, here in The Bahamas. Basically, this is our coming out party, for blockchain technology and for FinTech.”

Thompson shared a few of the aspects of the conference that will be given particular attention and consideration during the three-day event.

Several topics will be discussed over the conference, including ‘The technology sector in The Bahamas is open for business.’ “This one really is very important, because this panel will focus and have persons such as the Governor of the Central Bank, John Rolle; the head of BISX Bahamas, Keith Davies and the head of the Bahamas Security Commission, Christine Rolle. It will also include the Bahamas Financial Services Board, with persons like Tanya McCartney. It is really a message to the world, that The Bahamas wants to be in this space.

“Also, another topic to be discussed is, ‘Why should you invest in The Bahamas?’ When we have all of these companies, here, we want to be able to send the message to them on why they should invest in The Bahamas; but particularly, why they should invest in Grand Bahama.”

There will also be a topic on the global perspective on the regulatory framework for cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) and their meanings within Caribbean jurisdictions, according to Senator Thompson.

“We do not want to just limit ourselves to talking about what is just happening here in The Bahamas, but we really want this discussion to take a global perspective. We are going to have global experts, also, talking from a global perspective. Also a discussion on, ‘What does the future look like for blockchain, cryptocurrency and FinTech?’ Again, we are thinking about the way forward and we want The Bahamas to be a part of that moving forward,” stated Thompson.

“We also anticipate that this conference will serve to present Freeport, Grand Bahama as an ideal location to establish offices and global headquarters for new technology companies.”

He added that the idea is that if entrepreneurs are able to meet with investors in Grand Bahama, it is hoped that they would set up the companies right here on this northern island.

“We are extremely excited, to welcome a series of high caliber international speakers and panelists to Grand Bahama, to participate in this conference. In particular, there are two persons who were featured on Forbes Magazine’s Cryptocurrency Billionaires List, Brock Pierce and Anthony Diiorio, who are two of our featured key presenters.

“I also assure you that this is also going to be an experience that you definitely do not want to miss.

“The government also believes that it is critical to not only talk about Grand Bahama and all we have to offer, but to open our doors and welcome the global community to see for themselves, and dialog with the local business community. It is also expected that this conference will have a significant immediate economic impact, as we intend to fill hotel rooms, taxis, restaurants and tours. However, it is also anticipated that these international companies that come, and our target is 500 persons, that we show them what The Bahamas has to offer and why Grand Bahama is the right place to do business,” said Thompson.

“I am also pleased that the Technology Steering Committee has been extremely active in planning this conference. I take this opportunity to applaud you for all of your hard work so far. I wish to particular thank Dr. Donovan Moxey and his team, and also our continuing partners, ALIV, which has jumped on board first, as one of our title sponsors.

‘We also want to thank the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), because we know that they are always our partners. We want to thank all of those persons who were also serving on the steering committee, and we believe will also assist with our conference, such as BTC that has also been a partner with us, Cable Bahamas, the Grand Bahama Power Company and our new partners, GIBC Digital.

“Grand Bahama is certainly open for business and we welcome our international business representatives, to discover what our island has to offer. We also encourage Bahamian professionals, those aspiring entrepreneurs, and we have met a number of very sharp, smart young Bahamians, who are also into blockchain and cryptocurrency; we want to also put them on notice. We encourage them to see what is happening globally and to be a part of this conference.

“Please join us June 20 - June 22, at the Grand Lucayan Resort Convention Center for the BBCC,” concluded Senator Thompson.

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