Bail denied! Double Murder!

CHARGED—CDU Officer, Leviticus Wright (left)) escorted Terrance Rolle into the Freeport Magistrate Court on Monday April 15 where he was formally charged in connection with a double homicide that took place in February 2017. (Photo: Jenneva Russell)

No bail was given on Monday, to a man charged with double murder.

The sitting magistrate explained that she was unable to grant bail and advised the defendant and his attorney to apply to the Supreme Court.

Terrance Rolle (33) of 33 Sir Francis Point, Freeport, Grand Bahama was brought into the Garnet Levarity Centre on Monday, April 15, for the Double Homicide of Steffon LaFrance and Joseph Bain.

The matter was heard in the Magistrates Court No. 1, before Deputy Chief Magistrate Debbye Ferguson. The proceedings began around 11a.m., with Ferguson addressing defendant Rolle and his Attorney Renaldo Toote, for general information of his date of birth and street address.

Defendant Rolle stood in response to Magistrate Ferguson’s request. He gave his personal details while adjusting his clothes. The magistrate asked if he needed time to fix himself before continuing with the readings.

Ferguson then permitted Rolle to continue standing and read the docket, detailing the charges of “intentionally and unlawfully causing the death of LaFrance and Bain.”

Ferguson then told Rolle that the law does not require him to enter a plea, but the court that is sitting as it is, will conduct a preliminary inquiry into the allegations.

According to Ferguson the preliminary inquiry will take place “with a view to committing Rolle to stand trial at the next available sitting of the supreme court here in Freeport.”

Ferguson then told him, he will be standing before a judge with jurors.

She asked Rolle if he understood, and he replied “Yes Mam.”

Ferguson then called on Prosecutor Sergeant Vernon Rolle who stood and addressed the court giving a voluntary bill of indictment dated for the 24th of June, 2019.

Ferguson repeated the date aloud for the defendant Rolle, and then asked if there were any other issues,

The defendant answered: “No your worship.”

Ferguson then asked Prosecutor Rolle: “Shall I release him?”

The prosecutor answered in the negative.

“No, Your worship, we all know the defendant cannot be granted bail before the court,” said Prosecutor Rolle.

In agreement, Magistrate Ferguson spoke to the court and explained she had bail application forms and could provide them.

She then told the defendant that he and his council could fill out the form, but the law commands that “I cannot by myself grant you bail.”

Ferguson explained further that being unable to grant bail means the bail issue is done and final, in the magistrate court.

Thus, she advised the defendant, he would have to appear before the “Honourable Supreme Court” and ask for bail. 

Ferguson asked: “Am I understood?”

Defendant Rolle said: “Yes Mam.”

Ferguson then said: “The matter is adjourned and bail is denied. The defendant is remanded to the Department of Corrections.”

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