Bahamas Spring Break Carnival 2019 set to begin this weekend

BAHAMAS SPRING BREAK CARNIVAL – Organizers of the first Bahamas Spring Break Carnival event encourage all to attend the one of a kind event on Mather Town Beach, this and every Saturday during the month of March. Pictured from left to right are Kelly Laing, Head of Entertainment, Bahamas Spring Break Carnival and Jovan Hunt, Marketing Manager, Bahamas Spring Break Carnival. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

This coming Saturday and every other during the month of March, Freeport Events will host a one of a kind celebration on Mather Town Beach, entitled, ‘Bahamas Spring Break Carnival, 2019.’

The carnival themed entertainment promises to be one of a kind and one that organizers hope will catapult Grand Bahama as a premier destination for both locals and visitors to the island to enjoy.

Marketing Manager, Bahamas Spring Break Carnival Jovan Hunt noted, “It is called Bahamas Spring Break Carnival, but it is not just for spring breakers. While it is in the month of spring break, we will probably have lots of spring breakers there but it is for everyone – the young and old – that wants to have fun. The event is a full day and night of fun, starting at 11:00 a.m. and will close out around midnight.

“Non-stop entertainment, non-stop music will feature a host during the afternoon and evening. The host during the afternoon activities will be entertaining guests with various beach games, water sports and dance competitions. Our day host, Rumah, will be accompanied by several animators who will be engaging the crowd in various games, which will include a number of giveaways and prizes.”

Moving into the evening, organizers shared that a one of a kind bonfire will commence followed by the highlight of the event, the highly anticipated carnival parade.

“Our carnival parade is going to be led by the Classic Dancers. They are going to be bringing out the majority of their group and so it will be a pretty big show. Everyone can jump in the parade and join in. The reason that we have called it carnival is that it is going to be participatory. Instead of being on the sidelines, everyone can actually be a part of the parade itself. We are going to have masks available for sale and Junkanoo costumes as well, something for everyone’s budget.”

The fun does not stop at the carnival parade, as organizers revealed that following that aspect of the event a DJ party will commence where DJ Future, DJ Sweet Mouth and Big Pun a will open up the floor, for everyone to dance the night away.

“The event is a ticketed event, but it will offer persons a full day and night of entertainment. We are encouraging persons to come out to all four of the events and if you don’t or cannot make it to all four, you should at least be able to make it to one.

“The entire month of March … we intend for this event to be the highlight of the island. This is going to be an annual event and so this is the first of many. People always say that there is nothing to do in Grand Bahama and so we are filling that gap, creating something to do in the month of March,” said Hunt.

He concluded by thanking all stakeholders that have assisted in making the series of events a reality.

“We would really like to thank our sponsors – the Balearia, they are working with us to bring the spring break crowd to us. We would also like to thank the Ministry of Tourism and BTC, that will come out there well branded.

“We would also like to thank Sands for bringing the local Bahamian beer to the event. We would like to thank them all. We want the public to know that we are working with locals, to make this event a success. That is very important for us.”

Head of Entertainment, Bahamas Spring Break Carnival, Kelly Laing furthered, “There will be police presence, strictly enforced, during the event and so it will be a safe environment for everyone to come out and have a good time. We will also have lifeguards on duty as well.

“We will have four ‘Park and Ride’ locations for the locals. The party will actually start on the buses that will transport persons, if they so choose. We are calling them our Party Buses, because we will have entertainers and music on the bus. If you do not want to drive to Mather Town Beach you can hop on our buses, we will take you there and bring you back.”

In terms of games and activities she added, “We will have tug-of-war competitions, beach volleyball, water rides such as the Banana Boat … something for everyone.”

The lineup previously mentioned will take place each and every Saturday during the month of March.

The duo encouraged residents and guests alike to enjoy the festivities that are planned beginning this coming Saturday.

For more information about the upcoming event, persons can visit their Facebook page, Bahamas Spring Break Carnival.

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