Athletes receive wealth of knowledge from National jumps coach

 National Jumps coach James Rolle shares instructions with an athlete

While students had a few days off from school with the recent Mid-Term Break this past weekend, some track athletes used that time to put some work in on the track at the Grand Bahama Sports Complex.


The Rock’s Athletics Track and Field Club hosted a Jumps’ Clinic on Friday, February 24 and Monday, February 27 with various clubs invited to attend.


National jump coach, James Rolle instructed the clinic. The weekend was filled with instructions in high jump, long jump and triple jump from Rolle’s account. 


The athletes finished the weekend off with a long jump session. This daily caught up with the jumps’ coach afterwards and Rolle voiced his impression of the athletes and their potential.


“I was teaching the jumpers the basics of high, long and triple jump and a lot of them seem to catch on real quick,” he said. “One thing I liked is the jumps are very technical and what they’re doing is listening and they’re applying it so that made my job more easier.”


The high jump session took place on Sunday despite the rain. 


Rolle noted that the rain didn’t stop some of the athletes from showing up and taking their jumps to another level.


“They have a lot of potential, because like yesterday (Sunday) after the rain I was surprised a lot of them still came out for the high jumps. They jumped for height yesterday. Everything I taught them on Friday they came back and did it.


“We had like four of the young guys, like 14, 15 and two 16-year-olds attempting the CARIFTA qualifier (1.93 meters),” Rolle said.


“They were under it, but with a little work they’ll get it. They jumped like 1.89m.”


Overall Rolle stated that his weekend in the second city was fruitful. While he’s focused on the preparation of his current potential CARIFTA team members, clinics like this one helped him in his mission as a jumps coach.


“I’m just trying to take jumps (in The Bahamas) to another level. So, as fast as they come you just try to produce more and more so you can always have a good field of jumpers from The Bahamas.”


Rock’s Athletics coach Sandra Laing noted that she is “always impressed” with the wealth of knowledge Rolle brings to the jumps. 


It was something that was in the making for some time, she added.


“I’ve been trying for a couple years now to get him down here. It’s happened, now, it was a struggle but thanks to persons like Mr. Peter Turnquest and another young lady who was instrumental in helping with some good hotel rates they were able to make this happen. 


“We just charged the kids a small fee for the whole session. Some kids were not able to pay, but we didn’t turn anybody down. It’s a struggle financially, but as a club coach I made a sacrifice to make sure it happened.”


Laing indicated that she would like to have Rolle here again this coming Friday, in an effort to get some of the Grand Bahama athletes ready for the High School Track and Field Nationals, March 9-11 in New Providence.


“We’re hoping we can make it happen, financially. So persons who buy into the vision of youth and sports, they could step forward and assist with bringing him back so kids can be better prepared for High School Nationals and also the CARIFTA Trials (March 31-April 1).”


Laing was most impressed with the speed at which the kids learned and applied what Rolle taught. 


She hinted that there is a lot of talent here on Grand Bahama and having Rolle here to help, made an already noticeable difference.


“They just needed to fine tune what they were doing. And like he said, it’s a lot of mental preparedness. What I liked was the fact that he said, the things he was teaching them it took his kids three or four weeks to process it. 


“They (GB athletes) were getting it in the first couple minutes. So that was most impressive for me.”


Published  Friday, March 3, 2017 

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