‘ARISE’ International Women’s Conference begins today at the Grand Lucayan Resort

ARISE WOMENS CONFERENCE – Margo Victor (center), co-host of today’s ARISE International Women’s Conference is pictured with other speakers for the event, Indira Archer (left) and Sherell Bullard (right). PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH

Under the theme, ‘Faith to Conquer’ local pastors Eddie and Margo Victor are hosting their first annual ‘ARISE International Women’s Conference,’ beginning today, Friday, December 7 and concluding Saturday, December 8 at the Grand Lucayan Resort.

According to conference co-host, Margo Victor, the women’s conference seeks to empower, educate and motivate the women in attendance to embrace their God-given gifts and talents, to the honour and glory of God.

Margo Victor, expressed enthusiasm regarding the event.

“Pastor Eddie Victor and I are excited about the launch of our first annual ‘ARISE’ International Women’s Conference. This year, our conference really is calling to women to rise to the occasion of living life.

“Women are called to do specific things on earth and while many may not see that they are significant in what is happening, it is very important that we grasp a hold of our skills, our calling, and the things that tug on us most. There are problems in our community, that women can solve.There are problems in our country and throughout the world that women can solve.

“This is an international conference and we are calling women throughout Grand Bahama, throughout The Bahamas and throughout the world, to attend this conference. We are expecting speakers from Florida as well as participants from throughout The United States. This is just the first but we are excited about what is going to happen,” she informed.
Speakers for the event include Apostle Anne Grant, Agape House; Sister Rachael Edwards; Sherell Bullard; Indira Archer; Pastor Queen Hinkie, Word of Life International Fellowship; Florida and Pastor Lashelle Ball of The Fivefold Global Travelling Network, Florida.

“We will be dealing with issues from family life, finances and health issues. We believe that when women do not accept this call, that social injustice will take place, where children will become vulnerable, hurt, and we will continue to have a stagnant economy like we do now. Many women are not taking the mantle of using their gifts and their calling for this season in their lives, further stated the event’s matriarch.

Two of the local speakers gave a preview of what persons can expect during the two day conference.

Indira Archer, Speaker, ARISE International Women’s Conference, expressed the following: “In life, as women, we have formulated in our minds, perceptions, on how we feel our lives should be and our expectations. But, what do we do as women when our expectations are not met? How do you conquer the things in life that are conquering you? How do you defeat the things in life that are defeating you?

“Through my message and through my talk, I will present to women, the keys and steps to conquering and how we can use the word of God and activate our faith, to conquer things in life.

“How do we remove the barriers and man-made barricades, that attempt to keep women and even men in certain spheres? How do we overcome obstacles? How do we overcome poverty and lack?”

She explained that she will relay to participants how to tap into their individual potentials and greatness that God has placed “within each an every one of us.”

Fellow speaker Bullard said her remarks will be about financial awareness.

“My focus will be on finances, especially for women, coming from the word of God. Some people do not realize that God cares so much about our finances. He wants us to prosper and be successful. Everything that we need is found in the word of God.

“The favourite scripture that I use daily, and that I would like to share and expound on, is Matthew 6:33 which speaks about seeking God first. A lot of times we strive for careers, family and other things but we have to put our focus back on God first, and he will add everything that we need. How does it relate to finances? The Bible says that the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Everything belongs to God and if we put Him first and seek him first He will add and bring everything that we need,” concluded Bullard.

Admission to the conference is free and the first session is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Saturday’s session will take place between the hours of 9:00 a.m.. to 1:00 p.m.

Registration begins at 6:00 p.m. this evening.

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