AKA Sorority Annual Scavenger Hunt set for January 18 on Taino Beach

ANNUAL FUND-RAISER – The Pi Upsilon Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. announced the launch of the Third Annual Scavenger Hunt, which is set for January 18 at Taino Beach beginning at 9:08 a.m. Pictured are sorority organizers and sponsors of the event, including Pi Upsilon Omega, AKA Sorority Inc. President Kerel Pinder (seated centre). (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

The Pi Upsilon Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. announced the launch of the Third Annual Scavenger Hunt, which is set for January 18 at Taino Beach beginning at 9:08 a.m. 

For the past two years, the event has been one the entire community of Grand Bahama looked forward to and organizers are hopeful, this year will be no different.

According to Pi Upsilon Omega, AKA Sorority Inc. President Kerel Pinder, the event celebrates a significant milestone in the sorority’s existence. 

“Today we are here to launch our Founders’ Day celebration. AKA was a sorority that was established in 1908, on the campus of Howard University,” said Pinder during a press conference on Thursday, January 9.

“We are celebrating 112 years, and we are so excited about that. We have been a staple in the Grand Bahama community for many years, giving back to the community and celebrating sisterhood.  For the past three years, we have been doing the Scavenger Hunt, and we are so excited about doing it for a third year, with all the partners we have on board. “

Programme Chairs for the 2020 Scavenger Hunt are Sorors Felisha Seymour and Collette Parker.

Seymour, who also serves as the sorority’s vice president said that the membership is excited to launch the Third Annual Scavenger Hunt under the theme, ‘Operation Island Hunt: Ivies in the Sun, Sand and Sea.’ 

“Also, this year, we will allow six participants (groups) to be able to find, hunt, run jump, skip; just have a great time with the hunt. Additionally, we have LUSCO and DEVCO that are partnering as our Platinum Sponsors. We also have Aliv, which is our Gold Sponsor this year. We also have a sponsor from the ‘I Love Freeport’ initiative,” she added.

Lead Strategist for ‘Operation Island Hunt: Ivies in the Sun, Sand and Sea’ Alfred Anderson, stated that this year’s Scavenger Hunt will be like none other. 

“I can personally say as the strategist for this event, I am truly excited particularly with the theme, our participants are definitely in for a treat. If you have done any of our Scavenger Hunts in the past, I can assure you that this one is the best that you would have ever experienced. I love the fact that with this one, we are finally incorporating what it is to be a Bahamian, as well as sharing information with our sponsors. 

“This hunt is like none other. We are asking for only six participants per team and that is very specific.  Anyone that participates, you will not be disappointed. We have eliminated the need for any vehicle this year, which means that this is strictly done on foot. It is not a fitness challenge, but we do require that you wear comfortable shoes and that you enjoy the sun, sand and sea,” said Anderson.

Each team must have six persons, and registration is being completed via WhatsApp. The deadline for registration is January 15.

“Participants are asked to send a WhatsApp message the number 826-2829. All we need you to do is let us know your team name and the name of each participant. There is also registration fee per participant.

“Luckily, we have two cash prizes, thanks to our sponsors this year.  The first place team will win $1,908.00 and the second place team will receive $908.00. That is huge for us; where else can you make $1,908.00 in under two hours, by only paying a small registration fee?

“I think that it is definitely worth the risk for participants to be a part of this amazing event,” he added.

Sponsors for the upcoming event shard their thoughts on the local chapter’s fundraising event. 

Assistant Maintenance Manager, Lucaya Service Company (LUSCO) Corey Cartwright noted, “The word service can be defined as the occupation or function of servicing; while the word opportunity can be defined as a good chance for advancement and for progress. These words are used to exemplify the very heart of the Lucaya Service Company and The Grand Bahama Development Company (DEVCO). 

“These words will also define the work of the AKA Sorority, Pi Upsilon Omega Chapter and deems to be quite fitting by management for LUSCO and DEVCO to sponsor this year’s ‘Operation Island Hunt: Ivies in the Sun, Sea and Sand’ challenge.

 “We anticipate that this event will be a grand time for all participants, while they vy for the prize of $1,908.00. Participants will also discover an awareness of the Lucaya area and learn a few things about LUSCO and DEVCO,” said Cartwright. 

Sales Executive, Grand Bahama Development Company (DEVCO) Sabrina Josephs furthered, “Despite recent adversity in our community due to Hurricane Dorian, we are really excited that this event will continue this year. Our community needs it and as a result, the Grand Bahama Development Company Limited and the Lucaya Service Company Limited, commends AKA Sorority for continuing the hunt, amidst the challenges. For this reason, we believe that this event not only highlights the resilience of Grand Bahamians, but also shines a light to the heart of organizations such as AKA Sorority.” 

Aliv Marketing Coordinator Desiree Joseph added, “Aliv is so proud to be a sponsor for the third year in a row. Community engagement is so important to us on every level and giving back in the community can be done in many ways.  This is just one of the ways that we have decided to move forward and to assist the AKA’s. 

“They have once again put the ‘fun’ in fundraising; ensuring that young Bahamians are awarded the opportunity for higher education, through their scholarships, by their Educational Advancement Foundation. 

“As we are always striving to be the best, we want to continue to align ourselves with the best and so, we want to say congratulations and good work to Kerel, Felisha and to all of the ladies involved in the entire sorority. Aliv looks forward to more partnerships like this in the future and we look forward to seeing you all out on challenge day. May the best team win,” said Joseph. 

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