A winning night for the Platinum Knights

THE KNIGHT AND HIS LADY – Leader of the Platinum Knights Thomas Curry and his wife are pictured decked in “love” during the 2020 New Year’s Junkanoo Parade. The Platinum Knights were named the unofficial winners of the parade on Thursday, January 2, for the fourth year. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

The Platinum Knights and the GB Asgard were victorious in their respective divisions, according to the unofficial 2020 New Year’s Junkanoo Parade results which were revealed on Thursday, January 2, 2020 in front of the International Building.

President of the Grand Bahama Junkanoo Committee Kevin Russell, read the results to a crowd of supporters. 

He first thanked the members of the committee along with Junkanoo Groups who contributed to the successful event. 

“We could not have done this without you, this was a very good parade,” he said.

Russell shared the unofficial results of the A Division groups. 

For the Best Performance in Showtime; Platinum Knights scored 876 points, Superstar Rockers scored 852 points, Swingers 757 points, Kingdom Ambassadors scored 725 points and Kingdom Culture scored 662 points.

In the Banner category; Superstar Rockers scored 1,269 points, Platinum Knights scored 1.247 points, Kingdom Ambassadors scored 1,170 points, Swingers scored 1,060 points and Kingdom Culture scored 797 points. 

In the Choreograph Dancers category; Swingers scored 882 points, Platinum Knight scored 878 points, Superstar Rockers scored 834 points, Kingdom Ambassadors scored 703 points and Kingdom Culture scored 596 points. 

In the Music category; Platinum Knights scored 2,300 points, Superstar Rockers scored 2,252 points, Swingers scored 2,045 points, Kingdom Ambassadors scored 2, 022 points and Kingdom Culture scored 1,898 points.

For Overall Group Performance; the Platinum Knights who scored a total of 3,329 points. Kingdom Ambassadors came in second place with 3, 187 points, Superstar Rockers placed third with 3,039 points. Swingers placed fourth with 3,003 points and Kingdom Culture placed fifth with 2,671 points. 

For Overall Placement; Platinum Knights scored 5,629, Superstar Rockers scored 5,031 points, Kingdom Ambassadors scored 5,209 points, Swingers scored 5,048 points and Kingdom Culture scored 4,569. 

He also read the unofficial results for the B Division groups.

For Overall Placement – GB Asgard scored 4,950 points, Bushwhackers scored 3,431 points, Sting scored 3,189 points and Showtime scored 1,930 points.

In the Best Performance In Showtime Category – GB Asgard scored 669 points, Sting scored 365 points, Bushwhackers 242 points and Showtime 233 points. 

In the Choregraph Dancers Category – GB Asgard scored 637 points, Bushwhackers scored 354, Showtime scored 245 points and Sting scored 178 points. 

In the Banner Category – GB Asgard scored 1,104 points, Sting scored 996 points, Bushwhackers scored 805 points and Showtime scored 448 points. 

In the Music Category – GB Asgard scored 1,991 points, Sting scored 1,141, Bushwhackers scored 1,136 and Showtime scored 690 points.

In the Overall Group Performance Category – GB Asgard scored 2,959 points, Bushwhackers scored 2,295 points, Sting scored 2,048 points and Showtime scored 1,240. 

Many groups changed their themes to recognize the relief efforts in Grand Bahama. Some theme will focus on recovery, some are focused on stating that Grand Bahama is open and some acknowledge the efforts of various non-government organizations (NGOs). 

The participating groups and their themes are – Swingers, ‘Mystical Encounters of the Sea;’ Bushwackers, ‘Bushwackers on Parade;’ Kingdom Culture, ‘Take a Tropical Vacation with Kingdom Culture;’ Sting, ‘Junken- I Do It My Way;’ Platinum Knights, ‘A Celebration of Life-All Grand Needs is Love;’ Showtime, ‘Things We Love;’ Kingdom Ambassador Spartans, GB Asgards, ‘We are Proud, We are Asgard - A Tribute to the US Armed Forces and NGOs’ and Superstar Rockers, ‘Welcome to Grand Bahama.’

Judges examined the groups’ originality, execution of themes, agility or movement and uniformity. 

Judging Stations were located on McKenzie Street and West Pioneers Way, the Show Time Zone and Pioneers Way and between East Mall Drive and Kipling Lane opposite KFC. 

Throughout the judging process the GBJC reserved the right to penalize and or disqualify any group or individual participants, who may be in contravention of the rules and regulations. Also, make any decisions in the best interest of the parade, to make it more efficient. 

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