70 young Grand Bahamians begin 7th NTA Cohort training


The National Training Agency (NTA) Grand Bahama Chapter commenced its Seventh Cohort Session on Tuesday, June 12 under the theme, “The Road to Success… Self-Awareness,” at Ruby Swiss Restaurant featuring keynote presenter Gadville McDonald, NTA Executive Director.

Seventy young Bahamians between 16 to 26 years old registered to participate in the NTA Mandatory Workforce Preparatory Instruction Soft Skills Training Sessions and were encouraged by McDonald to embrace every opportunity provided to grow in wisdom, stature and positive relationships to achieve success in the pursuit of well-rounded and professional development.

“Over 400 young persons have participated in the NTA Soft Skills Training Sessions and by all indications they are doing rather well as a matter of fact, more than 33 percent are currently employed and we are excited about it.

“Indeed, the NTA is focused on ensuring that at the end of this cohort session each and every one of you would be properly prepared for the workplace environment but those gainfully employed would increase to at least 40 percent.

“Whether or not any and all of you are included in that 40 percent is solely up to you and your participation, involvement, focus and commitment to the training you will receive from the NTA during this 7th Cohort Session.

“Certainly, the NTA is committed to partnering with young Bahamians like yourselves to ensure that you are all prepared for the workplace by focusing on competency based training that involves 12 Practical Development Modules that must be exercised in the workplace environment, inclusive of dynamics in Attitude Management, Governing Policies and Procedures, Workplace Values and Practices, Teamwork and Managing Relationships, Cultural Self-awareness, Customer Service, Job Preparation, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Managing Self in the Workplace, Understanding Correction and Discipline and Planning and Goal Setting for Work and Life.
“Additionally, focus is placed on application of the skills taught and each of you being ready on day one to assist the companies that partner with the NTA in achieving desired results improving the bottom line of the organization,” revealed McDonald.

He noted that from the inception of the NTA Grand Bahama chapter, On-the-Job Training is paramount, hence all were urged to be intentional in taking action to improve, move forward in the right direction to do better.
Appreciative of the efforts of Donald Glass, NTA Office Manager, who along with his team work diligently to ensure that the NTA remains the “go to agency” for well-trained, competent employees, McDonald noted that focus is also being placed on ensuring that cohort members are certified in various disciplines.

Workforce development and exercising proper decorum in order to maintain employment and a good reputation are key factors for which the NTA is respected, particularly as the standards set are internationally recognized and participants do not have to limit their sights to gaining employment only but also reaching out for assistance in advancing their education, while keeping in mind that companies that partner with the NTA would keep them on based on their individual skill set and pay them accordingly.

Reminded, however, that employment is not a right because he or she is a Bahamian but solely based on their qualifications and a mutual understanding that they must render an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, McDonald noted that the objectives of the NTA as it regards The Road to Success… Self-Awareness and Becoming also involve assisting participants understanding and appreciating their heritage and culture, develop pride, self-esteem and self-value as well as explain and understand where motivation comes from and personal motivators and demotivators.

According to McDonald, “We have noticed that the Government in regards to Grand Bahama is focused on improving the economy, hence the NTA is keen on ensuring that participants are prepared for all the opportunities that are going to emerge out of that effort.

“We see a lot of emerging opportunities here in Grand Bahama and as a result of that we are going to be tweaking the NTA Programme to make sure that each of you are prepared for those emerging opportunities.
“Life is a journey which requires each of you to make constant progress, therefore it is impressed upon you as well as the leaders of this organization to continue to grow and become our very best selves.

“As such I admonish all that intentions are always good but taking action is always better and remember that determined direction always trumps intention so on the road to success, self awareness and becoming, embrace the training and instruction given, utilize it not only to propel you forward but to evolve and grow through lessons taught by the NTA.”

Several participants expressed their appreciation to the NTA executive director and office manager as well as their team for assisting with their growth professionally with most noting that they want to use the opportunity afforded to provide a better life for themselves, family and the next generation.

Participants encouraged one another to remain focused, be mindful of the wisdom shared by McDonald and Glass, who noted that adhering to proper dress code, punctuality and deportment is important, therefore over the next four weeks ensure that the lessons taught become second nature.

“This first of our two-phase NTA Programme, which continues for a period of four weeks will be followed by the final phase (Internship) that covers a 10-week period.

“We look forward to putting the participant’s skills to the test at the conclusion of the program and for those desirous of more information about the National Training Agency (NTA) Seventh Cohort Soft Skills Training Sessions /Internship Programme all are invited to visit the NTA Office at the National Insurance Board (NIB) Building (2nd floor), telephone 351-6421 or visit http://ntabahamas.org/,” Glass noted.

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