2nd Annual Global Unity Summit begins today

The Second Annual Global Unity Summit (GUS) is scheduled to begin today (Thursday, April 20) and organizers say the event is free to Bahamians. Organizers are pictured with presenters scheduled to speak at the event. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

Under the theme, ‘Unifying the World through proven Leadership Principles’ the Second Annual Global Unity Summit (GUS) is scheduled to begin today (Thursday, April 20) and climax on Saturday, April 22 at the Grand Lucayan Resort.

The conference is expected to assemble a team of dynamic speaker and presenters, at varying levels, who share their knowledge and expertise to those in attendance.

This year, the three day event will be offered free of charge to all Bahamians. Coordinators, Larry and Patricia Cabaldon, Founder and co-founder of The Boardroom Performance Group shared that they are both elated to return to Grand Bahama for the Second Annual GUS.

“My wife, Pat and I are very excited to host the Second Annual Global Unity Summit. We have come back and are very excited about helping the community; we are doing this to help develop leaders on the island, for their families and for the community. We have a cast of about five experts from the United States that are going to help. We are looking forward to a great summit,” said Larry Cabaldon on Tuesday, during an interview with this daily.

Patricia Cabaldon noted, “We are very excited about the speakers that we have this year, some of them are returning from last year, including Dr. Eddie and Dr. Margo Victor; they have been wonderful leaders within the community, individually, for families and within the church. We are very excited to have them back.

“We also have Terrace Chatman, who is president of Fellowship Companies for Christ International, based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He has a lot of leadership experience with business, as well as focus on the family. There will be lots of opportunities to hear from him and his wisdom with his corporate experience.

“In addition to that we have Dr. David Burrows, who is a pastor and business owner. He is head of Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) and is also very much involved with family and relationships. Kevin Seymour, a past president of the Chamber of Commerce here on Grand Bahama Island, will also be speaking; he has wonderful experiences as the CFO of PharmaChem,” she disclosed.

Dr. Larry Taylor, Chair-man/President of The Creighton Group, from Los Angeles, California is also a featured speaker at the event.

“In addition to that, he (Taylor) is also an international expert on corporate governance. He works with companies on incubation and in July, he will assume the responsibility as President of the Southern California National Association of Corporate Directors, which is a very prestigious international organization,” stated Cabaldon.

She added that she and her husband will also be presenters at the summit, bringing a wealth of knowledge in the Human Resources, as well as other leadership and executive arenas.

Chatman shared how elated he was to be a part of the summit, “This year I am extremely excited to be a part of the GUS. It seems just to be a great opportunity. When I heard about the opportunity to come and to serve, I wanted to be a part of that. The idea to come, to serve this community and to bring forth leadership and other type of services, it is just an honor.

“One area, in particular, that I am excited to discuss is how can we work with entrepreneurs in the local marketplace to make a difference? How can we bring economic development to this great island? There is a lot of history here and to be a part of that, to be a part of this summit is an honor.

“As we look to bring many business owners from around the world, FCCI is in 139 countries around the world, and as we look at this particular island, this particular opportunity, to bring resources in, to support and help, that is a great passion that I have. I am thankful to be here,” concluded Chatman.

Dr. Eddie Victor, senior pastor of Living Water Assembly of God, added that he and his wife are both grateful to be a part of the summit again this year.

“It is indeed a pleasure and an honor for both myself and my wife, Dr. Margo, to be a part of the Second Annual Global Unity Summit. This year will be a conference that you do not want to miss. I wish to thank the coordinators, Larry and Pat Cobaldon, especially with what Grand Bahama has been going through since Hurricane Matthew in October, to make the decision that all local Bahamian attendees will be allowed to come into the summit, free of charge.

“This means that all businesses, organizations, Government Department employees; anyone who really wants to take advantage of this leadership opportunity, the conference is free.

“The wonderful thing about this summit is that every attendee and participant will receive a certificate at the end of the summit; this certificate can be used for continuing education purposes of for your Human Resources Department, in terms of staff evaluation. I think that in itself will be a tremendous benefit for all persons attending the summit,” said Victor.

“We ask that you contact us by phone, at 826-2286 or you can email vmileader@yahoo.com. The conference will be held April 20-22 beginning at 8:00 a.m. for half-day sessions, at the Grand Lucayan Resort, Convention Center,” added Victor.

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