23 successfully complete Fire Safety Training

FIRE SAFETY – Personnel from the surrounding industrial park facilities that took part in a recent Fire Safety Training sessions with Buckeye Bahamas Hub, were presented with certificates for their participation during a brief ceremony at the company headquarters on Thursday, January 11. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Buckeye Bahamas Hub (BBH) recently held a Mutual Aid Industrial Fire Safety Training Program that was open to several companies throughout the community inclusive of the Grand Bahama Power Co. Ltd., Grand Bahama Shipyard Co. Ltd., Statoil South Riding Point Bahamas, Grand Bahama International Airport Co. Ltd. and PharmaChem Technologies/Syntex Co. Ltd.

Tyrone Wildgoose, BBH HSSE Safety Program Specialist spearheaded the training initiative, which involved 23 participants, who received Basic Firefighter Training Certification during a ceremony at BBH on Thursday, January 11.

Providing insight into the training program, Thomas revealed, “The Mutual Aid Industrial Fire Safety Training Program comprised of two full days of fire training, which involved a total of 23 persons from the Grand Bahama Shipyard Co. Ltd., Grand Bahama Power Co. Ltd., and Grand Bahama International Airport Co. Ltd.

“At the time of the training, PharmaChem Technologies/Syntex and Statoil South Riding Point Bahamas representatives were unable to participate due to scheduling issues; however, Buckeye Bahamas Hub/BORCO will be working with both companies, in the not too distant future, to engage them in the Mutual Aid Industrial Fire Safety Training Program, as such training proves beneficial to all.”

Thomas added, “Of course, the Mutual Aid Training Program started some time ago and the process initially began by visiting each other’s industrial terminals, and ensuring all things required for firefighting and safety inclusive of hose fittings and so forth were the same at each site.

“We wanted to ensure that in the event any one of the companies were called upon to lend assistance, we could do so without any setbacks. Buckeye Bahamas Hub/BORCO has always led the way when it comes to firefighting and safety assistance furthermore, it is one of our main goals to build upon the mutual assistance given to our industrial park neighbors.

“At Buckeye Bahamas Hub/BORCO we work closely with GB Power Co. Ltd., Operations Manager Bradford Roberts; GBIA Safety Coordinators Shanika Russell; GB Shipyard Co. Ltd., Quality Safety and Emergency Response Team Managers Marvin Basden and Wellington Smith, and our training facilities at Buckeye Bahamas Hub/BORCO has been certified, as a top quality fire safety facility by the Texas A & M International University Fire Academy in Houston, Texas.”

Noting that Buckeye Bahamas Hub/BORCO is 100 percent supportive of this program in Freeport, Grand Bahama, O’Neil Wildgoose, BBH HSSE Manager said that the theory behind Mutual Aid Training Program, is based on a voluntary exchange of resources and services for the benefit of those concerned.

Hopeful that the recent training program marks the beginning of Buckeye Bahamas Hub/BORCO’s goal to provide professional training in Grand Bahama and thus increasing the pool of qualified Industrial Firefighters that can be utilized throughout the island in emergency situations, Wildgoose noted that by ensuring more people in the community are properly trained to provide support to BBH as well as fellow participating companies, the risk of losses and injuries in the likelihood of a fire can be greatly minimized.

He pointed out that no industrial company stands alone and the training program heightens the awareness of all, to the fact that each one needs the other to grow and survive.

Mutual Aid Industrial Fire Safety Training Program participants GBAC Doyle Adderley; GBPC Ryan Wong, Madio Smith, Henry Morris and Dennis Russell; GBSY Andre Davis, Paul Messam, Shun Sands, Marquis Nicholls, Brandon Thomas, Vincent Charlton, Kevin Anderson, David Barnabie, Briscoe Rolle, Terry Jolly, Jario Kemp, James Sands, Cochise Parker, Jonathan Marshall, Michael Lightfoot, Wellington ‘Welly’ Smith and Edwin Simms all, proudly, accepted their Basic Firefighter Training Certificate and thanked Thomas and the BBH HSSE Team for engaging them in such a timely initiative.

Speaking on behalf of the GB Shipyard Co. Ltd., Quality Safety and Emergency Response Team and the participants, Welly Smith stated, “For the past 18 years I have been a part of the Emergency Response Team of the GB Shipyard Co. Ltd., and our team has trained extensively throughout the United States of America (USA). However, the Buckeye Bahamas Hub/BORCO Mutual Aid Training Program has been a very unique experience.
“Of course, this is my second time participating in a Mutual Aid Training Program at this company and it has proven most beneficial; thus I would like to thank management of Buckeye Bahamas Hub/BORCO specifically Mr. Thomas for facilitating this initiative.

“Indeed, it is of paramount importance and one can never have enough training in this regard; continuous training and refresher exercises help to sharpen our individual skills and better prepare us for any emergency situation.

“While we hope such incidents do not occur, nevertheless, we are prepared and on behalf of the GB Shipyard Co. Ltd., Mr. Basden, myself and our team I convey our sincerest appreciation and look forward to this Mutual Aid Training Program, as the beginning of many more to come with all industrial park plants and companies working together.”

Also extending gratitude to all involved in the Mutual Aid Industrial Fire Safety Training Program specifically Buckeye Bahamas Hub/BORCO HSSE Safety Program Specialist Thomas, as the training program has proven to be very significant and will undoubtedly help to save lives, was BBH Director of Operations Geoffrey Charles.

He noted that Emergency Response and Fire Response Training is an essential operational component for all industrial companies and pointed out that it really takes a lot of courage to run into a fire to help save both life and property.

Keenly aware that in crisis oftentimes people tend to panic, Charles noted that participants of the training program will be able to rely on the skills taught and together, all industrial companies would be positioned to take care of each other in emergency situations and assist the Grand Bahama community at large.

“Of course, the emergency response training can be replicated in our day-to-day operations at work as well as at our individual homes; again I am very excited that this was done, as it is the first that I have been privileged to be a part of it and I thank all for your courage,” said Charles, who along with Thomas, Wildgoose and BBH HSSE Environment Safety Training Specialist Leticia Parker presented the Mutual Aid Training Certificates.

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