$2.8M contract given to renovate Post Office

RENOVATIONS TO BEGIN – The government has awarded a $2.8 million contract for renovations and repairs of the Freeport Post Office, which is expected to begin shortly. (PHOTOS: JAIMIE SMITH)

One of Grand Bahama’s iconic landmarks in the City of Freeport, the Freeport Post Office, will soon receive a much-needed and anticipated facelift to the tune of $2.8 million.

Over the years Grand Bahamians have appealed to successive governments to repair the facility, which has been forced to operate below standard, due to mounting interior and exterior issues.

However, in a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister, Grand Bahama, on Wednesday (September 16) morning, it was confirmed that the Freeport Post Office will finally get the renovations needed.

The contract for the work has been awarded to local contractor Missako Investments Limited. The scope of work to the structure will include roof repair, electrical work, plumbing work, air conditioning work, structural work, pressure cleaning and painting.

“The Office of the Prime Minister Grand Bahama is pleased to announce that a contract has been executed for major renovations to the Freeport Post Office and work is scheduled to commence shortly.

“The Freeport Post Office is an iconic structure in the center of Downtown Freeport and was significantly damaged during Hurricane Dorian. These renovations will not only restore and enhance the Post Office but will also improve the entire downtown area.

“This project is expected to be completed within nine months and will create approximately 50 jobs in the community. This repair project is part of the government’s continued effort to rebuild and restore Grand Bahama,” informed the statement.

This latest capital works announcement comes two months after Minister of State for Grand Bahama in the Office of the Prime Minister, Senator J. Kwasi Thompson, spoke about future projects.

“One of the things that we are focused on in Grand Bahama is rebuilding and so, you will see for example, we completed the work at the Courthouse; the school project, the $4.5 million job that is now in progress,” said Thompson back in July, following a tour where he and colleagues were update on progress being made at a number of public schools.

He continued: “You will also begin to see work start in McLean’s Town, at the Administration Building. We also announced the repairs at the Ministry of Agriculture Building as well.

“In addition, you will see that there is work being done at the hospital and so there is a tremendous amount of rebuilding; a tremendous amount of construction work being done. That also adds to what is being done with the Small Home Repair program and so there is tremendous progress.

“We also want the public to stay tuned as well because very soon we will be back to talk about work to be completed at the Post Office, that is very much-needed. 

"It is work that is years overdue, that COVID and the hurricane just added to the challenges at the Post Office but thankfully the government has approved the project, to do a complete renovation of the Post Office. Very soon, we will be able to come to the public with respect to moving ahead with that Post Office project,” said Thompson.  

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