$16k equipment, supplies donation for ROYO

OFF-LOADING THE TRAILER – Reach Out Youth Organization received a generous donation of over $16,000 worth of equipment and supplies for its upcoming Summer Camp from the Whitten Baptist Church at the organization’s community center on Wednesday (July 11). Volunteers are pictured off-loading the trailer at the center’s site. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Reach Out Youth Organization received a generous donation of over $16,000 worth of equipment and supplies for its upcoming Summer Camp from the Whitten Baptist Church at the organization’s community center on Wednesday (July 11).

Dudley Seide, Founder of ROYO called the donation a blessing.

“We met these folks about a month ago and they made a promise that they were going to bring us supplies to give to the wider community. Today over $16,000 worth of supplies for Grand Bahama, has been received,” he said.

Seide also took the opportunity to thank the Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister for Grand Bahama Senator J. Kwasi Thompson and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, K. Peter Turnquest, because the duty for the supplies was waived.

Seide furthered that camp begins on Monday (July 16) and everything will be free of charge. Registration forms can be picked up at ROYO community center located at #83 Banyan Lane.

“Everything donated will be used to further our programs and better assist young people in Grand Bahama,” he said.
He added that there will be many giveaways and treats for the children who attend the camp.

A group of 25 missionaries came from the Church to distribute the trailer of supplies.

Jeff Shipley, senior pastor of Whitten Baptist Church stated that he came to Grand Bahama six years ago on vacation and met a local minister. Through that newfound friendship he formed various connections and ultimately found ROYO.

“We found this beautiful place and these beautiful people like Brother Dudley, we’re just really impressed. We as a church go all over the world but we like to find people who already are actually doing something rather than having a church vision of a plan 30 years from now,” he said.

Shipley revealed that they initially wanted to invest in another part of the Pineridge community.

“We have really a heart for this community; this is our sixth year here and we were actually trying to meet with some of the politicians to see if we could refurbish this community center, Pineridge Community Center, but we didn’t get a lot of response,” he said.

Shipley added that they are interested in having a partnership for the next five to10 years with ROYO to help them expand and continue to help the community.

He furthered that the church is unique in that they take nothing from others.

“We won’t take love offerings; we won’t take a dime. My church people raise everything by themselves, they work all year, some of them two jobs and then we take all of that money and invest it into ministries that are already at work around the world,” he said.

Shipley informed that they donated things such as air conditioners, chairs, fans, fryers, tents, sinks, and stoves. He commended ROYO for feeding so many children in the community and noted that the church has a love for that particular community.

He furthered that the church works with any denomination or church that is actively helping their communities especially since many churches do not have pure intentions when assisting and serving others.

“I see a lot of pastors that have their name in parking places right there by the door and God says if you’re a pastor your parking place needs to be the furthest one away because you’re supposed to be serving everybody else,” he said.

He revealed that as senior pastor he does not allow himself to make more money than the members of his church.

“Grand Bahama is full of a rich heritage and wonderful people. They seem to be people here that are genuine and that is refreshing compared to some of the other countries I’ve been to,” he said.

Whitten Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church located in Memphis, Tennessee. They are affiliated with the Mid-South Baptist Association, the Tennessee Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention.

The church believes, teaches, and preaches the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God. They believe that every person is precious in the sight of God and seek in their worship services, and in all of their various church organizations and events to provide spiritual help and encouragement.

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