Statoil lauded for strong community support

SUPPLIES FOR EAST GB – Representatives from Statoil made a special delivery for residents of East Grand Bahama. Pictured from right are Gevin Adderley

Seemingly, if it was up to the leadership of Statoil South Riding Point, the strong support the company continues to lend to the Grand Bahama community would remain under the radar.  But no such luck in recent times as members of the diabetic community and residents of East and West Grand Bahama are speaking out about Statoil's tremendous contributions. 

Inspired by Statoil Bahamas’ former Asset Manager, Jeff Munrow’s son, challenged with diabetes, Tanya Rigby-Seymour, Asset Manager, Kevin Stuart, Terminal Manager and Mark Hardy, Business Support Leader, led the charge and identified with the efforts of the World Diabetes Committee and made a kind financial donation.  

The donation was made several weeks back at the Rand Memorial Hospital, Freeport.  Committee executives remarked that the donation came as a pleasant and timely surprise. 

 Community leaders and residents of East and West Grand Bahama say the generous donations made by Statoil South Riding Point during the holiday season of 2016 “still hold a positive and lasting impact today.”  

Sensitive to the trail of devastation left by Hurricane Matthew back in October, 2016, management and staff of Statoil knew it would be tough particularly for parents in West Grand Bahama to afford gifts for their children.  Statoil’s team members sacrificed personal Christmas gifts and brought smiles to the faces of significant numbers of West Grand Bahama children.  The gifts were distributed at Zion Baptist Church, Eight Mile Rock. 

 In what has become a noble tradition for Statoil South Riding Point in the aftermath of hurricanes, the company noted the severe damages caused by Matthew and donated water, food, building supplies and batteries to the residents of East Grand Bahama.  

Central and Local Government officials accepted the donations on the people's behalf.  According to Rigby-Seymour and Stuart, Statoil South Riding Point remains committed to the growth and development of Grand Bahama Island and the company takes its corporate obligations to local communities seriously.  

“While it is never our intent to seek publicity by way of our support for residents in need, we are humbled by the expressed gratitude and hope our donations would inspire others to give when and wherever they can,” said Stuart.  

Rigby-Seymour commended Statoil team members for joining forces with the company to offer their time and personal resources to help build stronger communities.  


Published Friday, March, 17, 2017

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