Laing encourages ‘clean’ eating with newest venture

EXPANDING THE BRAND – Cardio Blast Experience Owner, CEO and Head Fitness Trainer, Tarentee Laing, has expanded his brand to now include a healthy takeout restaurant ‘Keeping It Clean.’

Keeping It Clean is the newest addition to the takeout restaurant experience in Grand Bahama. Located at #11 Millenium Mall, Downtown, its main purpose is to provide nutritious, tasty meals, at an affordable cost to everyone. Tarentee Laing, Owner and CEO of Cardio Blast Experience, has proven himself to be a viable entrepreneur within the community. Now, he has decided to expand his reach from fitness coach and trainer, to restaurant owner.

On a daily basis, Laing stresses to his clients the impact of their eating habits, and how it contributes to an estimated 60 percent of their overall fitness goals. As such, well balanced, healthy meals have been a focal point of the Cardio Blast Experience program. Members receive weekly meal plans tailored towards ensuring weight loss, and advanced notices on shopping deals at the various Solomon’s locations for fresh produce and groceries. However, Laing felt in order to fully meet the needs of his clients and the broader community, he needed to implement a “meal-prep” program, accessible to all.

Noting that non-communicable diseases such as, diabetes, high blood pressure etc., are at an alarming rate amongst Grand Bahamians, Laing stated, “while I felt like I was having a positive impact in the lives of my clients, it still pained me to see others who would like to benefit from my knowledge in nutrition, but couldn’t.”

Many would agree that it is easier and most convenient to purchase cheaper, unhealthy foods, in comparison to the alternative, healthy and expensive; - but the unintended consequences resulting from these decisions cannot be ignored. Laing feels that Keeping It Clean will offer a positive solution to GB residents’ daily meal options. He stated, “I wanted this venture to be as inclusive as possible by ensuring three key factors were met: first- providing healthy, well portioned meals, second- making them affordable, and third- convenient.” Laing also identified what customers can expect from his takeout restaurant stating, “Our menu will give you all of the comfort foods you are familiar with from international restaurants; but I’ve made them completely healthy, without compromising on taste or quality.”

Keeping It Clean is set to welcome its first customers, with the soft opening occurring on Thursday, June 14; and hopes to see many supporters at the grand opening, set for Monday, June 18. Laing stated, “getting the restaurant to this point has been a roller-coaster ride, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I encourage other young entrepreneurs to never give up, and to be the biggest investor in your goals.”

Though healthy meals will now be available to all, Laing did ensure his loyal clients received an incentive. “All active Cardio Blast members will benefit exclusively from a discount to their purchased meals. It’s my little way of giving back and saying thank you for your unwavering support throughout the years and helping me be able to make my dreams come true” stated Laing.

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