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BTC Northern Bahamas hosted a launch reception for a number of its business clients to introduce its newest smartphone, the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus. The event was held at the company’s headquarters on Pioneer’s Way. Pictured second left is Eldri Ferguson-Mackey, VP of the BTC Northern Bahamas and LeTeasha H. Ingraham-Lord (right), Marketing and Public Relations, Northern Bahamas with a few of their business associates. (PHOTOS: SHAYNE STUBBS)

Friday (May 12) evening, during an exclusive launch of its newest smart phone devices, the Samsung 8 and Samsung 8 Plus, BTC headquarters was the place to be, as the products were introduced to the company’s business clientele for the very first time.
Boasting of being the premier telecommunications company within The Bahamas, Eldri Ferguson-Mackey, Vice President, BTC Northern Bahamas said that BTC is once again leading the telecommunications industry in the country, as it has been able to launch the product, in line with its regional counterparts.

“Once again BTC is on the cutting edge of technology and BTC, being the first telecommunications company in The Bahamas to roll out the new Samsung S8. What is significant about the launch is that we are launching the product on time and in line with our North America, and our Latin America and Caribbean partners; that makes it a very significant launch for us.

“Traditionally in the Caribbean, we know that we usually get the devices later on, or when it is not as hot or ‘popping’ as the young people like to say. We are on the cutting edge, as one of the first countries to launch the S8,” said Ferguson-Mackey.

“The other thing that is unique about tonight is that we are launching it to our business customers. If you have been following BTC for some time you will recognize that we love our retail customers, pre-paid customers as well; but for our business customers, we wanted to give them that extra touch and a sneak preview of the S8, its features, what it means for their businesses.

“We are also offering it to some of our business customers, at a special discounted rate. If you are in contract, if you sign in with a new contract with BTC you also have the option and the opportunity to get the S8, at a discounted price. This again proves that this is BTC country, it is another blue letter day and BTC again, is leading the way in technology,” revealed the VP.

Additionally, Ferguson-Mackey informed that BTC has forged a lasting partnership over the years and continues to do so with the launch of the S8 brands.

“Believe it or not, most people do not know that we have one of the highest penetrations of smart phone devices, and BTC does a phenomenal job at actually selling devices. So that makes us an excellent partner with Samsung. We push through quite a few Android devices and quite a few high-end devices; our customers like the latest, greatest and newest devices, we like to be able to give it to those customers.

“One of the reasons Samsung chose to partner with BTC is the volume of devices that BTC sells, the quality of customers, the ability for us to move the devices and forecast our products and sell them at a reasonable time,” she added.

“This is an interesting partnership; we will have Samsung representation here, at our retail location next week. They will be training our staff on how to sell the new devices and we will also have Samsung in our Nassau stores. They will be at our flagship store on Bay Street and they are also going to be at our Mall at Marathon store, for the entire week as well.

“They will also be training our staff, and, if customers are interested as well they can try, buy and test the devices; we will have the devices for view and for sample as well, in the stores,” acknowledged Ferguson-Mackey.

Clifton Wilchcombe, BTC Associate Representative, Pioneer’s Way location shared that the latest Samsung series of phones have indeed surpassed any technology previously used by Samsung or any other smart phone company for that matter.

“The key word to this phone is more; you get more of everything with this phone. You are getting more screens, more memory and better camera quality. This is an improvement over every single phone on the market at this time.

“This phone gives you a huge screen, even in the regular S8, as well as the S8 Plus. The S8 has a 5.8 screen with the regular S8 and with the S8 plus you get a 6.2-inch screen size. It is called an infinity screen, where images are displayed all of the way to the edge of the phone; this has never been done before. “This technology is brand-new to the market, and it only could have been brought in by Samsung,” Wilchcombe explained.

“The front camera is an eight-mega pixel camera, which is the best quality camera that you will get on any smart phone as a ‘selfie camera.’ The rear camera is a 12-mega-pixel camera; it doesn’t sound like much, but the technology that went into this 12-mega-pixel camera, as the main camera, is awesome.

“There is a dual lens camera, first time ever, for a phone that is what improved the quality. You can adjust the resolution on the back, there are so many options; although it is still an option, there is no need to download additional filter applications; all of that is built in.”

In terms of the internal memory of the Samsung S8, Wilchcombe, elaborated, “In the past, Samsung’s maximum memory on the standard version was 32 gigabytes. This S8 model comes standard with 64 gigs of memory and four gigs of Random Access Memory (RAM). It has a memory card slot, which was brought back on the Samsung S7 and it is also available on the Samsung S8. You can upgrade that memory, up to 256 gigabytes; that is awesome. When it comes to speed, this device delivers.”

Apart from the screen sizes, Wilchcombe also shared other contrasts between the S8 and the S8 plus.

“When it comes to battery life, the S8 has the 3,000 milliamp batteries; the S8 plus has the 3,600 milliamp battery. The S8 plus will give you a longer battery life; but you can supplement the battery life, because you can adjust the screen resolution and that takes less power. There are many tricks that can be used to avoid becoming a ‘wall hugger.’”

The latest series of smart phone technology from Samsung as well as other smart phone devices can be purchased at any of BTC’s locations nationwide.

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