63 trainees complete job readiness program

Sixty-three trainees completed the National Training Agency’s four-week Mandatory Workforce Preparatory Program (MWPP), held at the A Social Affair Convention Centre.


The Trainees were given training in soft skills, such as, attitude management, workplace values and practices, governing ourselves/policies and procedures, teamwork and managing relationships, customer service,  job preparation and understanding correction and discipline and planning and goal-setting for work and life.


Trainees are now into the second phase of training, which is the Internship Program; it runs for 10 weeks. They are closely monitored by the supervisory staff of the Industry Partners to ensure that they are following policies and procedures and work requirements.


Executive Director of the Agency, Agatha Marcelle, congratulated the Trainees on the completion of their training and said, “We are now in the process of preparing for Cohort #6, which is scheduled to begin in August of this year. 


Bahamians between the ages of 16 and 26 years, who are interested can contact the Agency’s office at 351-6421 or visit the office located on the second floor of the National Insurance Building Complex and bring along with them their passports or voters’ cards and NIB cards.” Continuing, she said, “We have had some very good success with this program and we are looking forward to even greater success in the future.”


Marcelle thanked the Internship Providers for volunteering to participate in the program, because, she added, without them the Agency would not be able to effectively administer this Program.


Published  Wednesday, April 26, 2017 


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