Young entrepreneur attests to entertainment industry providing economic boost for GB


Clayvon Duncombe, Co-owner of Phluid Phactory told this daily that promoting a recent concert created many economic opportunities for Grand Bahama.

Phluid Phactory promoted a concert featuring international recording artist, rap star Rick Ross on Saturday (December 23). The event was held at Goombay Park, one which thousands of people attended.
According to Duncombe, the event was deemed a success namely due to the “inexpensive” tickets, which were priced at $20 for general admission.

“A lot of persons traveled to the island and spent their holiday in Freeport,” he said.
He added that people who normally left the island during the Christmas holiday stayed because they had something to look forward to.

“An event like that normally doesn’t happen in The Bahamas,” he said.

He revealed that persons traveled from Abaco, Bimini, New Providence and The Turks and Caicos Islands.
“We had at least about 2,300 persons that traveled to Freeport for the event,” he said.

He noted that the influx of visitor arrivals contributed to hotel occupancy, car rentals, restaurants and of course airline and boat ticket sales.

Integrating more entertainment into the local economy, specifically within the tourism sector has the potential of creating a substantial contribution to the revitalization of the island, opined Duncombe.
He furthered that advertising the event on various social media outlets also contributed to the concert’s success, by reaching out to people in places such as the Canada, Jamaica, and the United States.

Duncombe stated that he and his team also employed many local persons to assist before, during and after the concert, many of whom otherwise would have not been working during the holidays.

He furthered that the concert was expected to be beneficial to the island because of previous experiences. They had promoted a Beres Hammond concert earlier in the year which also had a positive domino effect.

“There was a lady who has a shoe store and she called and told me that she only makes money during the occasions that we are having an event. She told me that she would sell out two to three days before we have an event,” he said.

He added that clothing stores and make-up artists have also shared similar stories with him.
Duncombe told this daily that his team spent a great deal of money to promote the event when they did not have to, but, they realized the significance of doing such, in order to boost the sluggish economy on the island, if even for a short period of time.

“We out-sourced a lot of stuff,” he said.

Duncombe noted that 2017 was a rough year for Grand Bahama.

“The morale of the community has been very low, this uplifted them a little bit, giving residents some kind of hope and made them feel good,” he said.

He added that they were happy to know that people enjoyed themselves.

“This is the reason why we do events, and we want other people in the community that can assist, to come on board and help us,” he said.

Duncombe added that he sponsored the Christmas Tree Lighting and noted that persons patronize their business throughout the year, especially in the holiday season.

He furthered that some months ago he initiated the Grand Bahama Homecoming Committee which coordinated the Grand Bahama Homecoming.

Duncombe finally stated that it is important to use entertainment events to boost the economy because people often travel to other parts of the country and, often times out of country to attend such events and are undoubtedly spending a great deal of money to do so.

“Then they adapt to your culture and fall in love with your culture, to where they may just be coming for the event but then end up coming later on with their family or even buy a house or something,” he said.

Duncombe stated that he and his team could make much more money promoting events in New Providence or other places but they choose to stay here because Grand Bahama is in dire need of the economic boost and Grand Bahama is his home.

“If you can’t build your own home, you can’t go somewhere else and build it,” he said.

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