Rolle lauds company for taking advantage of investment opportunities

Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) President Ian Rolle

Declaring that the “Dream of Freeport is alive and well,” Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) president Ian Rolle commended spouses and joint business partners, Curtis and Glennett Fowler for demonstrating unwavering Bahamian investor confidence in the Maritime Industry with the soft opening of Fowlco Marine and Logistics Management $1.6 million facility on Grand Bahamian Way, nearly a week ago.

“While it is often believed that only direct foreign investment is necessary to grow our economy, the Fowlers, who are a wonderful husband and wife team, have defied that myth and made it clear to all of us present today, that we need not stand still waiting on the big investments from abroad to participate in the growth and development of our island.

“The Grand Bahama Port Authority continues to work relentlessly to attract diverse businesses and our practices and policies are geared towards supporting the ambitions and accomplishments of Grand Bahamians, who dare to dream and demonstrate the discipline required to own and operate a business in Freeport,” said Rolle.

“Fowlco has tapped into an industry, which possesses unlimited resources and opportunities with the Maritime sector expanding rapidly worldwide and locally.

“Operations like the Grand Bahama Shipyard and Bradford Marine continue to brand Grand Bahama as a leader in ship repairs and maintenance.

“And of course having one of the largest shipping Ports in the world is also another selling point and key component to their success.”

Acknowledging the fact that the services being offered by Fowlco Marine and Logistics Management bodes well in maintaining Grand Bahama’s reputation, as the top marine hub in this region, the GBPA president surmised that with the official opening of the company, the island will witness immediate positive impact within the local community.

Additionally, he noted that there will be a significant number of full and temporary independent Bahamian contractors and vendors engaged for their services, all of which spells good news for the local economy.

“The opening of Fowlco Marine and Logistics Management also highlights the opportunity to take advantage of strategic global connections, as Fowlco, at present, is working with Blue Parrot, a world-class contractor based in Spain, to facilitate maintenance and repairs on a major Disney ship being docked at the Grand Bahama Shipyard. “We at GBPA are aware of this relationship and the importance of international expertise and exposure.

“We strongly believe in the promise and prosperity of Freeport, Grand Bahama and take pride in celebrating the success and opening of Fowlco Marine and Logistics Management, thus on behalf of shareholders and the entire GBPA team, especially the Customer Relations Department managed by Nicole Colebrooke; we wish to extend congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Fowler.

“Additionally, we wish to remind its principals and all those seeking to do business in Freeport, that the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s doors are open to support wholeheartedly, the mission of bettering the lives of this community.

“Once again, congratulations and we wish you much success on your journey, as you dared to make your dream a reality and tell the story that Freeport is still very much alive!

“May God continue to bless you and this business richly,” the GBPA president declared.

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