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WE’RE HIRING – As Resorts World Bimini goes through an expansion of its property, representatives were on Grand Bahama on Wednesday, January 22 hosting a Job Fair at the Pelican Bay Resort in an effort to recruit residents to work on that northern island. (PHOTOS: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Resorts World Bimini (RWB) is looking to attract suitable employees to join its team, as the mega resort progresses steadily with its expansion. 

With a number of Grand Bahamians having already relocated and being employed on that northern island, RWB Human Resources officials are hopeful that they can again recruit more seasoned professionals in the hospitality industry, as they have in the past, from Grand Bahama.

On  Wednesday, January 22, RWB held a Job Fair at the Pelican Bay Resort, where Human Resources Director Christopher Rolle shared that he and his team were extremely optimistic to have more Grand Bahamians join the RWB employee compliment. 

“The Job Fair is going smoothly, the turn out has been consistent,” said the HR Director. 

Rolle informed that the resort had a number of entry-level positions to fill. 

“We are looking to fill a lot of positions, more so entry-level positions; but we are looking to also fill some management and supervisory positions. We are looking for room attendants, servers, bus boys. We are also looking for transportation drivers, persons who will be driving trams. 

“Kitchen stewards, a full compliment of culinary staff, such as cooks … sous chefs are also on the list of available positions. We are looking at pretty much all jobs,” he revealed. 

Questioned if they are seeking to host similar job fairs in the future Rolle informed, “As needed, yes. Grand Bahama is our focus and historically, we have had good traction in terms of sourcing candidates from this island and definitely, for the future, as needed we will look at sourcing persons from Grand Bahama.”

As it relates  to the expansion, Rolle disclosed, “Those are going well. One of the initiatives for this event is to staff for the expansion and so, this is definitely aligned with that. We are talking about the Beach Club and the Port.  Progress is going well with that. 

“We really hope to see more persons out to give more opportunities. I know there are more persons here on Grand Bahama and so, we just want to be able to see and source as many persons as possible.

 “However, we do have an email address where we have already sourced many candidates. We want to ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to seek employment. We do provide housing and a great opportunity for persons, especially those who have been displaced and are looking to get started all over again. 

“I would say that this is the ideal opportunity because we do provide housing, meals and some level of comfort for persons to start again, get themselves grounded and on their feet to assist their families,” Rolle added. 

Human Resources Manager Tamara Wilson noted that the one-day Job Fair was going smoothly. 

“Everything is going surprisingly well, despite the weather. We have had a great turn out so far. Persons were very patient and we were able to work with persons as they came in. 

“We have been on the ground since 7:00 a.m. anticipating the crowd, because we wanted to ensure that everyone had a fair chance for an opportunity,” Wilson said. 

Based on the screenings conducted at the time of the interview, Wilson was questioned whether any of the applicants were suitable for positions available at the resort. “Most definitely, yes,” she replied. 

“The response that we have been receiving and the experience of the persons that we would have screened, in addition to those that have applied online. That is booming as well and so, in addition to being on the ground I am screening online as well and conducting telephone interviews, for convenience.

“Once persons apply at, it comes directly to us; it is very convenient, we are mobile as well. We are prepared and excited. We want to capture as many persons from Grand Bahama as possible. Of course, our population, the majority are Grand Bahamians. We have so many seasoned, professional persons from Grand Bahama and we are looking to capture more,” she added. 

“In the future, if there is a need to host another Job Fair here, we will most definitely do that; we will never turn it down. Outside of that I recruit no-stop, on and off the job. If there are any opportunities, if an email pops in, once it is convenient for the person I talk to them right away. It is never a problem, it is what I do; it is what I love,” stated Wilson.

Executive Officer, Labour Department with responsibility for Employment Exchange, Linda Hield was also on-hand during the job recruitment exercise. She spoke on the importance of the Labour Department being involved with Resorts World Bimini efforts. 

“It is important for us to be here, because there are a lot of unemployed persons at this time and there is a lack of employment at this time in Grand Bahama. We are hoping that this initiative will bring forth employment for quite a number of persons here today.

“In fact, I was surprised because of the weather, but it seems that there is a very good turn out. So far, we have already had 93 persons register with us.

“I think that this is a good initiative and I am hoping that there will be quite a number of persons hired from this,” Hield said.

“I am also introducing some of the persons to our online database, so that they can go on and access our system where by the can see jobs available in New Providence, Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, Exuma, Andros; most of the more developed islands. 

“Our website is Persons can go in, register if you are not registered already. Once registered, you can gain access to the online database. There you can upload your resume to your profile as a job seeker. Also, companies can go in and register their businesses along with their vacancies. It is a two part initiatives for both employers and job seekers,” concluded Hield. 

Persons that may have not been able to attend the Job Fair and are interested in any of the openings at Resort World Bimini, may submit their resumes to the above mentioned email address. 

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