Popular Platinum Knights promised Aliv’s assistance

Aliv presented the Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group with a check to assist with the organization’s preparation for the 2018 New Year’s Day Junkanoo Parade.

Aliv and Platinum Knights are teaming up once again.

Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group led by Thomas Curry Jr. and Wycliffe Barnett has obtained for the second consecutive year, the support of Aliv LTE Network, which presented the organization with a check on Monday, November 13, to aid preparations for the upcoming 2018 New Year’s Day Junkanoo Parade.

Allison Levarity, Aliv LTE Network Customer Care Director commended the hard work and contributions of the Platinum Knights, who were the 2017 New Year’s Junkanoo Parade winners.
“We are once again excited to be partnering with the Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group, as they are a young and energetic group, who are passionate about Bahamian culture, community and young people.

“Year round, leaders of the Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group Mr. Curry and Mr. Barnett do their best to get young men off the streets and engage them in wholesome activities, surrounding one of The Bahamas’ most recognized and celebrated cultural phenomenon, Junkanoo.
“Due to their community spirit and always giving back to by promoting our Bahamian culture, Aliv LTE Network could not help but to offer support to the Platinum Knights especially as the leaders consistently demonstrate outstanding leadership capabilities motivating persons throughout the Grand Bahama community. “When anyone takes the time to examine the work of the Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group, especially as it concerns our young men beginning from the age of five years old, one cannot help but to bear witness to greatness in the making as they invest in them, teaching each one about the various aspects of Junkanoo on a weekly basis and that is exactly what Aliv LTE Network is all about.

“At Aliv LTE Network we believe in building communities, positively contributing to our society and building pride not only in oneself or the island of Grand Bahama but throughout the entire Bahamas hence we believe that the Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group is also doing that as they are ambassadors to the world of Junkanoo for this nation and we are proud of their efforts,” Levarity declared.

Elated to have the full-fledged support of Aliv LTE Network, Curry, Barnett and Platinum Knights secretary Erica Bethel thanked Levarity as well as Talia Wildgoose, Aliv Media & Community executive, for demonstrating confidence in the organization as it seeks to “inspire, motivate, positively invest and develop youth through cultural expression, Junkanoo.”

Drawing attention to the Aliv LTE Network motto, “You are not living until you are Aliv”, both Curry and Barnett noted that they are alive with excitement for the upcoming 2018 New Year’s Day Junkanoo Parade and paused to salute fellow supporters Sawyer’s Fresh Market and Sky Bahamas as well as other sponsors and the wider community for assisting the organization in “arriving to new heights each year.”

Bethel referred also to the importance of networking on behalf of the youth in society.

“The Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group works diligently to pass on the love of Bahamian culture to our youth by hosting an annual Summer Camp and we believe in helping to keep our young men engaged in wholesome activities which keeps them disciplined, gives them purpose and allows their individual talents in this cultural art form to be front and center.

“Junkanoo belongs to us and we are so thankful for the support we receive from companies like Aliv LTE Network, who cares about the community just as we do and gives to us unwavering aid.

“We intend to make them proud but more importantly, invest in our youth who are the future leaders of this nation, and all we are as a people, especially as it regards being the keepers of our cultural heritage. Thank you, thank you, thank you and may God continue to bless us all,” said Bethel.

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