Pelican Bay celebrates mid-term success

MANAGEMENT TEAM – Pelican Bay’s Management Team prepare for their awards presentations. Pictured from left to right are Jan Johnson, Security Team Leader; Giovanni Sands, Maintenance Manager; Magnus Alnebeck, General Manager; Della Bridgewater, Operations Manager and Patra Albury, CFO, on the stairs of Canal House, Pelican Bay, Freeport. (Photos courtesy of Alfred Anderson for Barefoot Marketing)

It is commonly said that preparation, hard work, and the ability to learn from failures are the keys to success, both in life and in business. Since opening its doors, Pelican Bay Hotel, its managers and employees have proven this to be true; positioning themselves as the #Happiest place on Grand Bahama Island, with a focus on providing its guests with a superior experience.

As the mid-term results for Pelican Bay come in, management meets with their staff to reward those and the team for their hard work and to review improvements. “We like to have our Employee Recognition Awards in both the first and the end of the year,” said Pelican Bay General Manager, Magnus Alnebeck. “We use this six-month timeline as an opportunity to update our staff on hotel improvements, changes, as well as prepare them for the 2nd half of the year and tell them what we are expecting.”

Having been dubbed the number one hotel on the island by International travel sites such as Trip Advisor, team Pelican Bay continues to work toward maintaining its status, finding new ways to improve their quality of service. “We never want to become complacent,” said Alnebeck, who recently hosted the company’s in-house awards ceremony.

The event was held at the hotel’s Canal House and recognized employees who went above and beyond their job description. Celebrations began with a welcome prayer, lunch on the boss, and then staff award presentations and gifts.

“We are so pleased with the hard work of all our employees, and I truly appreciate the fact that they go above and beyond in their duties, day in and day out,” said Alnebeck. “The camaraderie in the room was undeniable and truly representative of the ‘in this together’ atmosphere we encourage.” The excellent service offered by Pelican Bay has not only garnered the respect of international travel sites, but has also been recognized locally by industry professionals and stakeholders. Pelican Bay has received multiple nominations for the coveted tourism Cacique Award with Operations Manager, Della Bridgewater, singled out for her specific contributions to the industry. This year, Bridgewater says they’re hoping to continue that trend.

“Our ultimate goal is to make employees and our hotel better,” said Bridgewater, “We are the #Happy Hotel and let’s be honest we want to reach the pinnacle and be candidates for the Cacique award again.”

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