Pandora Store launches Pandora Shine Collection

FULL HOUSE – Residents flocked to the Pandora Jewelry Store to check out the Shine Collection. (PHOTOS: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

The Pandora Store at Port Lucaya was bubbling with activity on March 15 as scores of residents and guests to our shores, took full advantage of the designer collection’s newest product line, the Pandora Shine.

A new collection of their 18 karat gold plated sterling silver jewelry, the Shine collection launch was indeed highly anticipated as the Port Lucaya store was filled to capacity during the hour long unveiling event.

Known for their sophisticated year affordable jewelry, widely known for their Pandora bracelets and charms, officials shared that the launch of the Shine collection was embraced by all in attendance at their Grand Bahama location.

Randi Winder, Sales Associate/Visual Merchandiser at Pandora stated during the ‘Do Happy Hour’ event, “Tonight we are launching our Pandora Shine collection. It is brand new and it is our 18 karat gold plated jewelry. Normally we have 14 karat gold, but with the 18 karat gold it is now a more affordable purchase. We have also customized it toward the bee, so everything is themed with bees and honeycombs. It is really beautiful and I truly believe that everyone will love it.

“This is the first time that we are offering actual plated 18 karat gold. You would think that with plating it may not hold up well, but this holds up extremely well. It has been tested and it is made from the same family as platinum.”

Not only was the Pandora Shine Collection launched here on the island of Grand Bahama, but the designer’s latest collection was also launched simultaneously around the world as well.
“This is the official launch and it is global; it is not just here in Freeport, but it is also taking place in Nassau, the United States and Canada. Right now, everyone is having the same event globally. This is truly exciting. Not only are we launching the Shine collection but we also have our Spring collection out as well, which we have in both Sterling Silver and our Rose collections.”

Within fifteen minutes of the Pandora’s store 6:00 p.m. launch, the store was filled to capacity with patrons eager to get a view of the brand’s sweet collection.

“As you can see it has been awesome. We have not had this many people out in a while; it is normally during the Christmas time that we have this type of crowd so this is a really good turnout and we are very excited,” concluded Winder.

Monique Ewing, Pandora Marketing Assistant shared that the present Pandora Store at Port Lucaya has been in existence since 2010, after having outgrown a space in the Colombian Emeralds store.
“We started off as a little stop and shop in the Colombian Emeralds store, but we outgrew the space so now we are located in this beautiful boutique that you see here.
“We are celebrating today our new product launch, which is the Shine Collection. We are excited about this new product; it is 18 karat plated jewelry and is very affordable. With the price of gold being what it is, the new Shine Collection will definitely give you that look and that pizzazz, without a hefty price.

“We have a variety of items in the collection. We have earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces; it is an entire line of Shine products, which have been added to the already booming collection of Pandora jewelry that we have available here.”

Ewing added that the response was wonderful, in anticipation to the official launch of Pandora’s Shine Collection. “Our team here worked very hard to pull it all off and we give a hats off to all that helped to make this happen. A special thank you to Kerel Pinder for all of her hard work in the event.”

No stranger to the Pandora Store, long time customer Shanda revealed that she frequents the store at Port Lucaya. She attended the event to collect a pre-ordered ring, but admitted that she was quite enamoured with the entire Pandora collection.

“I think that this was a wonderful event to get the crowd out. It was a very nice gesture to host an event like this. I love my Pandora, whenever they have something new I always pass by to add something to my bracelet.”

She admitted that while the Shine collection was nice, her favourite collection is the Pandora Rose.

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