New security firm aims to cover all aspects of safety

READY TO ENFORCE SAFETY – Co-owner William Moxey (right) and Chief Operating Officer Clay Williams (left) pictured at Sweeting and Advisors Office on May 21, to discuss future plans of L & M Security System. (PHOTO: TFN)

A new security firm, L&M Security System, has entered the technology sector of Grand Bahama and is seeking to attract community support by bringing awareness to its modernized system.

Co-owners, William Moxey, Rev. Robert Lockhart and Chief Operations Officer, Clay Williams met with this daily at Sweeting and Advisors Offices on May 21, to discuss the companies’ pursuit of safety protection and planning.

As technology continues to become globalized, Williams noted some societal problems stem from lack of knowledge and person’s irresponsibility towards their own safety. He said that The Bahamas is a bit behind in the interface but hopes when the company exhibits a Business Safety Seminar, corporate and residential citizens will support.

Williams described himself as a ‘research kind of guy’ and expressed, “when I found out that many of the countries in the Caribbean are already surpassing us in technology, which really shouldn’t happen, I was not pleased.

 “As close of proximity we are to the U.S., if they have technology on Monday, we should have it on Tuesday the latest. But these other countries have it and we don’t.

“If we wonder why places like Turks and Caicos Islands, Bermuda and some other places, where people have to spend way more money on airfare to get to a place to conduct business, to go and take vacation, they are bypassing us to travel where technology and security is.

“People don’t correlate with marketing strategy and that is a huge reason why we are not making any headway in the marketplace. We are continuing to lose headway, because our competitors are making it easier for people to do business, and technology is one of those ways,” said Williams.

“We have too many restraints and restrictions and not enough information so that an investor that has $10 million to put into a project, he or she can weigh where they want to put that money.

“Some people are familiar with computers talking the same language. Our computers here in Grand Bahama are talking 90s language, when there are computer systems talking 20/25 language.

“We have a huge gap to close,” he added. “Nonetheless, we are the only company that is really prepared to give a full security service.”

He maintained that some companies just provide regular guards, some have regular guards and armed guards, very few have that and armor services and a few yet offer any type of surveillance and additional security.

“One of the problems we have in securing information is we don’t tend to act until there is a problem. We don’t see that an ounce of prevention is work more than a pound of cure. We try to let people know public safety is everybody’s business.”

To this end, Williams noted that the company will host a Business Safety Seminar on Tuesday, July 2 and one for residents on Wednesday, July 3. “We plan to educate the public on cyber security and being aware on the things they should and should not do which will give us a safer society.”

Williams shared L&M Security Services was first founded in 2015, but the owners were working on doing some things and decided not to aggressively go after the marketplace.

However, he continued that in March 2019, he was brought on to further the company’s development.

“In March 2019, I was brought on by the company to head the operations, to tune the direction, seek out employees, seek out contracts, marketing and basically set the company’s direction.

“After a month-and-a-half, I saw something in the marketplace that for a company to get a contract, you had to do a lot of negotiating and we were always negotiating downward. So, to get a contract we would have to undercut somebody to get the same business, which in my line of work was not good for business; in fact, not for the industry as a whole. When we came in the marketplace, we saw everyone fighting to do the same thing.

“Everybody wants to put a security officer in a building or on a facility. But to do so, you’ll have to undercut the next guy, you won’t be able to pay your “labour force because you’re continuously cutting down price,” Williams revealed.

“So, we sat back and we looked at different ways we can actually be a different kind of company. One of the things that we found out is a lot of companies do not take cyber security important,” he maintained.

Continuing, Williams noted that he believes that if you have customers you should have service.

“Customer service go hand-in-hand with your business and it is hard to give good service, when you are paying people inferior salaries to do a certain type of work.

“You have to have the people with the skillset, the honest heart to do the work and the ability to do the work cost effectively so that your customers can be satisfied with the job knowing their information is protected,” said Williams.

When asked about the company’s availability, he informed, “We are up-and-running now. We have some offers out there with some people and if it was up to us, we would’ve had it in March; but sometimes, you have to just wait for people to make their decision.”

He added that having proper security measures in place is a way that can actually help turn around the economics in the country.

“When people start doing their research and they decide to travel to some place sunny, they will see that Freeport is one of the safest, cleanest places in the Caribbean with a whole lot of things to do,” concluded Williams.

Due to Moxey’s qualifications, the company was able to obtain a specialty licensing. “Originally I resided in Grand Bahama for a number of years and I have great experience regarding security.

“The reason why I had it in mind to take over a security firm was because it was needed in The Bahamas.

“We have too much slack screws that are not functioning and I believe that it is what security is supposed to be all about. We need to be honest and we are a company that is going to work for the people leisure and give them the service,” said Moxey.

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