New Franchise Locations encourage Bahamian Ownership

TC has created multiple ownership franchise opportunities for Bahamians on Grand Bahaama island with the newest locations opened in Jones Town, Eight Mile Rock and Pinders’ Point and West End.

Since its inception The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) has built its brand on a commitment to service and supporting their community. As part of that commitment the BTC Brand has become synonymous with the promotion and protection of all things Bahamian, as well as supporting the efforts of small Bahamian businesses. This has become most evident in the recent focus placed on encouraging Bahamian ownership through its BTC franchise stores.

“At BTC, we understand that the success of ordinary everyday Bahamians also contributes to our success as well” explained BTC Northern Vice President Eldri Ferguson-Mackey. “We don’t just work here we live here and so it’s important to us that enterprising Bahamians have the opportunity to own a piece of the pie too.”

Already BTC has created franchise opportunities for owners in various communities on Grand Bahama, with the newest locations recently opened in Jones Town, Eight Mile Rock and Pinders’ Point and West End. Not only do these locations increase Bahamian ownership but also add a new layer of convenience for BTC customers who live in more remote communities and have had to travel into more centralized areas to take advantage of BTC’s services.

After completing his franchise application and meeting the necessary requirements Chris Williams became one of BTC’s newest Franchise Owners and began operation of EMR’s second Franchise store just two weeks ago. “Customer demand played a major factor in my decision to pursue the opening of a BTC Franchise in this area” noted Williams. “There used to be a location in this area and so it made sense to reopen there to meet customer’s growing needs.”

“I am very pleased that BTC has taken this excellent position in encouraging Bahamian ownership” added Williams “and I think more people should try and get involved”.

This was the same for another retailer, Mark Gardiner, who took a similar position and to reach the underserviced communities in his hometown of Pinders’ Point as well as West End, he successfully completed the process of becoming a BTC Franchise owner and is very happy.

“I chose both areas in hopes of providing a needed service to residents in those communities as BTC didn’t have a physical presence in those areas” he explained. “Our business is doing well, and I am pleased to be part of the growing number of entrepreneurs for BTC.”

The addition of these new franchise locations, now brings the total number on Grand Bahama to 6 with existing locations already operating in the Seahorse Plaza, in Caravel Beach, and in the Rigby’s Plaza in EMR.

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