New business venture provides environment for the entire family

INTRODUCING THE HYPE ZONE – Public Relations Director Peter Adderley (left) and owner and operator Simeon Outten (right), yesterday introduced the new gaming arcade business to Grand Bahama. The Hype Zone will officially open today with a grand opening celebration, beginning at 4:00 p.m. at the Klear Sounds Studio location, next to the N. B. and C. Plaza, Coral Road (PHOTOS: BARBARA WALKIN)

Local businessman and international musician Simeon Outten, is introducing a new concept gaming arcade to the island, with the grand opening of The Hype Zone today – Thursday, October 25 – beginning at 4:00 p.m.

The Hype Zone is an arcade facility, including Ice Hockey, PS4, Xbox, Pac Man, Pool tables, etc., along with the other amenities, explained Outten.

From the older game consoles to the newer technological versions, the idea to create The Hype Zone was to fill a void, said the owner and operator. “Looking around the city, you see that there is not enough activity for the entire family to enjoy without alcohol smoking, and sometimes the use of obscene language. So, we thought we should not only open a business that accommodates children, but accommodates the entire family.

“My boys and my only girl, cannot appreciate a game like Pac Man. Folks in their 30s and 40s can appreciate Pac Man and some of the other games and so, we thought to mesh the old and the new so that it’s a family environment that all can come and enjoy.”

With bold lettered messages on the walls of The Hype Zone interior reminding patrons that the area is a ‘No alcohol Zone, a No Smoking Zone, No Obscene Language Zone and a Strong Team, Strong Success’ area, Outten noted, “once again, we want to cater to the entire family, where they can come and, particularly the children, don’t have to be exposed to those three things, but at the same time have a good time.”

The Hype Zone also boasts of its deli, that offers an array of Bahamian snacks like Crack Conch, Wings, and more. “The children can run around and not be exposed to that environment … so that’s what we wanted to do, fill that void, which to a large extent is absent in our city … we just wanted something different,” Outten stated.

Public Relations Director Peter Adderley, noted that The Hype Zone is another living example of what it would take to bring Grand Bahama back one step at a time. “It calls not for things, but the active participation of people, who have confidence in the economy and an idea that they want to thoroughly examine, market it and make it happen.

“I suspect this idea has been inspired by Simeon Outten’s children, who are at the age now to enjoy clean fun. And the combination of parents being able to bring their children somewhere in a wholesome, clean environment … this depicts it.”

Looking to the future, Adderley noted, “absolutely as this place grows, more and more jobs will come with it and as those persons get jobs, they will be able to hire persons to do their lawn, clean their homes and that money can trickle through the economy.”

Coral Road is expected to come alive as a result of The Hype Zone, which offers great food and great fun. The new venture is located in the Klear Sounds Studio next to the N. B. and C. Plaza.

“We trust that this will inspire other families to not complain, but pull together to create,” said Adderley.

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