Municipal Motors annual holiday initiative rewards customers

PRIZE WINNERS – Four Municipal Motors’ customers were recipients of gifts, during the company’s Annual Christmas Raffle and Giveaway over the holiday. Pictured during the presentation are Municipal Motors’ Manager, Princess Taylor (left); Municipal Motors’ Office Manager, Judy Thompson (second left); and pump attendants Lorenzo Jones (second right) and Mario Phillips (right). (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Municipal Motors has served the Grand Bahama community for 35 years, with outstanding customer service and again, this year in appreciation to residents for their support, the company held its Annual Christmas Raffle and Giveaway.

Customers were eligible to enter the contest after purchasing $20 worth of gasoline. After the purchase, Pump attendants would write the customer’s name down on a piece of paper and place it in the raffle box.

Four customers drove away as winners of the 2019 initiative. The winners received the call on Friday, December 27 to attend a gift presentation, which included a 43-inch Smart TV, PlayStation 4, two Pandora Gift Cards and a three-piece Plier set and tape.

During the presentation Municipal Motors Co-owner Alison Anglade explained that the Annual Christmas Raffle was an initiative to express gratitude to their customers and thank them for supporting the business throughout the year.       

Anglade said that the family-owned business is keen on assisting the island in its rebuilding stage with such activities and is excited to see the island moving forward in 2020.

She noted that the raffle will be ongoing, until January 6, and the winners would receive five gas vouchers and a Pandora Gift Card.    

“With our Annual Raffle Giveaway, we always do something around the Christmas period to give back to the community and to really honour our customers. So, we have prizes where we always give away flat screen TVs, maybe gas vouchers, jewelry vouchers. It changes a bit every year to let our customers know that we are grateful for their business and to spread a little Christmas cheer.

“This year, what I decided to do on top of having of our Christmas Giveaway was to extend it into the New Year, because we have so many people that participated in our giveaway which was buy $20 worth of gas and on the receipt, you write your name and number and just put it in the box. 

“Our box was jammed pack, so I knew that a lot of people were desirable of getting a gift and I wanted to extend it into the New Year. So, the New Year is going to consist of, basically, the same thing; however, the prizes will be five $20 gas vouchers to give away,” said Anglade.

Questioned on the importance of continuing the initiative, she responded, “The Raffle and Giveaway was a message that Municipal Motors is a company that cares for their customers.

“We care. Not only are we a business establishment, but we are a family business. My father Henry Bowen started this business decades ago and he was a true Bahamian nationalist, who really looked out for the working men and women. 

“So, I want Grand Bahama to know that we care; we want to give back, and we are here to support the rebuilding of Grand Bahama. We want to make sure that they know we are not just pro Bahamian, but pro employee. We want to keep our Bahamians employed, we want to keep their families going and we are not going anywhere,” stated Anglade.

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