LUSCO launches new website

WEBSITE LAUNCH – The Grand Bahama Development Company officially launched a new website for the Lucayan Services Company titled LUSCO.ORG along with a discount program that will better serve its customers with efficiency. Pictured from left are Christine van der Linde, DEVCO Customer Service Manager; Charisse Brown, Acting CEO and Legal Counsel for DEVCO; Paulette Ritchie, Legal Counsel and Compliance Officer and Cory Cartwright, Maintenance Supervisor LUSCO. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Grand Bahama Development Company (DevCo) Acting CEO and Senior Legal Counsel, Charisse Brown on Monday, June 4 announced the launch of Lucaya Service Company (LUSCO) new website at a press briefing in the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) Boardroom.

Lucaya Service Company (LUSCO) is a non-profit association responsible for the maintenance of properties in subdivisions developed or to be developed by DevCo, revealed Brown, who proudly stated, “The Lucaya Service Company (LUSCO) website and discount program were officially launched on June 1 and serves as a new tool that would better serve customers with efficiency and is expected to drive the company forward.

“Now, was created with our Facebook page to provide better engagement and communication with customers through real time sharing of information.

“It is our goal to partner with lot owners and residents of Lucaya to foster a spirit of community so that we can work together to create a clean and well maintained area with honest feedback from customers and to inform us of how LUSCO is doing.

“The new website will provide information showcasing what LUSCO does, the areas it services and announce new initiatives for customers, therefore with Grand Bahama emerging as a new technology hub there is no better time for the launch of this new website and to connect with customers digitally.”

Excitement with the launch of the website continues to gain momentum, particularly as more and more the digital age is being embraced, GBPA Legal Counsel and Compliance Officer, Paulette Ritchie noted.

Acknowledging that fact that in order to better serve customers and keep up in this digital and technological age LUSCO had to implement this progressive move forward, Ritchie shared that once customers access or log onto they would be able to find a cadre of helpful hints that can aid in combating indiscriminate dumping throughout the community.

“Unfortunately, indiscriminate dumping is on the rise, and is equipped with helpful hints to deal with such incidents via its “What We Do” tab as well as contact numbers that are available for witnesses to the same to call and lodge a report.

“Other tabs on include FAQs (frequently asked questions) and News, which customers can access for up-to-date information on all LUSCO is doing in the community as well as new efforts and initiatives coming on stream.

“Undoubtedly, this is a defining moment for DevCo and we are fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to work with young, creative, innovative and talented Bahamians such as Aryanna Roberts and Bernard Sweeting, who played an integral role in this launch,” Ritchie said.

Christine Van der Linde, DevCo Customer Service Manager also discussed other special features of the website, which allows customers to issue complaints in real time to LUSCO management in an effort for each to be addressed in an efficient manner.

Cognizant of the fact that there had been a need for connection with customers, Van der Linde noted that the launch of in partnership with its discount program was a necessity.

“Mindful of the challenging economic times Grand Bahama is currently facing particularly the property owners of Lucaya, LUSCO would be offering a 25 percent discount on all existing service charge balances and arrears.

“Additionally, appreciation will be shown to all customers whose accounts are presently current, as LUSCO intends to offer a similar 25 percent discount on all service charges for the years 2019 to 2021.

“As such, customers would be required to pay the full three year discounted service charges by way of a lump sum in advance however, the window for this program, which commenced on June 1 will come to a close on September 3, 2018.
“We truly want the customer to understand that we care and are here for each one, therefore we encourage all to feel free to visit, update your information and contact anyone in the customer service department to learn more on how to participate in the program,” Van der Linde said.

Keen on providing top quality service to customers and ensuring that the surroundings are clean, green and pristine with effective services that cater to the needs and concerns issued, Corey Cartwright, LUSCO Maintenance Supervisor encouraged all customers to take full advantage of the opportunities provided.

Assuring all that LUSCO listens to and works diligently to address the concerns lodged by customers, Cartwright noted that the company is elated to give back in such a big way therefore he urges all to visit the website, which he notes is user friendly and helps to improve the services even further of DevCo and LUSCO for the benefit of all.

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