Local entrepreneur embraces cryptocurrency

LOCAL ENTREPRENEUR EMBRACES CRYPTOCURRENCY TECHNOLOGY – Kelton Roberts (left), Junior PC Technician, Baha Beach and Dario Roberts (right), President and CEO of Virsymcoin embrace the signs of the times as it relates to virtual currency in the form of Blockchain Technology. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

Dario Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Virsymcoin, said he is pleased with the government’s position to poise Grand Bahama as the technology hub of the region, particularly embracing Blockchain Technology in the way that it has.

“We had the opportunity to present and were probably the only Bahamian company to participate in The Bahamas’ first ever Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference. The experience was mind blowing. I did not believe or think that The Bahamas was ready to compete on such a level,” said Roberts.

“What they are saying essentially is that we are welcoming, (when other countries are a bit ‘iffy’ and uncertain), the blockchain and cryptocurrency here in The Bahamas. We are trying to find solutions as to how we can marry and tie institutions like the banks, which deal with fiat currency – the traditional paper money and the actual cryptocurrency, the virtual currency. They are trying to find a way to marry both of them and I think The Bahamas Government is on the right track.”

He noted that with Virsymcoin being birthed in The Bahamas, having offices in The Bahamas, the United States and soon in London, and because of The Bahamas Government willingness, “we are now telling them that we are going to relocate our Call Centers for the Virsymcoin to Grand Bahama. We are looking to employ about 13 people - 10 call agents, two supervisors and one manager.”

Roberts revealed that the decision to make such a move was due to the fact that Virsymcoin sees the commitment and willingness of the government in that regard.

Explaining Virsymcoin is Roberts said, “Virsymcoin is similar to the bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency of virtual status, with a bit more versatility. Bahamians who educate themselves will know that you will be able to trade the Virsymcoin into the bitcoin or into the litecoin … into the different coins that exist. With over the 100 cryptocurrencies, the Virsymcoin can be traded into, which makes its versatility vast.

“In addition to that you can trade on the Virsymcoin network. Virsymcoin is looking to acquire its own bank, so that we can issue the Visa and Mastercard debit cards as well.”

Roberts added, “It is a big project that we are undertaking and I am happy that The Bahamas Government is looking for ways to really have that conversation, because the cryptocurrency is what you call a decentralized system. It is not governed by any bodies. I think, for the most part, that it scares a lot of countries. Virsymcoin is here to stay and we are going to make Grand Bahama the home base.

“If this can really jump off correctly, we really want to employ about 100 to 200 Bahamians, right here on Grand Bahama. That is what we are looking at initially … through government’s initiatives and speaking with the Grand Bahama Port Authority, they are developing different legislation and tactics to facilitate that as well. It seems that everyone is really on board.”

Also, the CEO of a Bahabeach, a web development and information technology company, Roberts is passionate about the country of his birth embracing technology with open arms.

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