Local businesswoman credits a ‘higher power’ for business success during sluggish economic times

Proprietor of JJ’s Bargain Store credits God for the business not only surviving, but expanding during this economic downturn being experienced throughout the island. (PHOTOS: TFN)

For the past 21 years JJ’s Bargain Store, (formerly located on Explorer’s Way, opposite the local Post Office), has serviced the community – providing an assortment of household and entertainment products for the family.

Over the years, the cross section of available items outgrew that location, which forced owners to relocate to a new and larger spot just a short distance from their previous shop space.

Now located at the corner of Explorer’s Way, in the former Supreme Cleaners’ building, proprietor of the business establishment, Joyce Gibson, revealed that customers can expect to receive the continued outstanding customer service that they have grown accustomed to for more than a decade in a larger, customer friendly atmosphere.

Speaking to this daily recently, Gibson said, “We have a little of everything, including school supplies, underwear, socks, household items as well as other necessities. We have been opened for about 21 years – this July made 21 years to be exact.

“We just relocated here this week; to God be the glory, great things He has done, and greater things He will continue to do.”

Gibson revealed that over the years, she has listened to her faithful customers and abided to their requests of offering even more items, thus expanding her inventory to accommodate their wants and needs.

“This is what my customers have asked for. A lot of the items they ask for, I try my best to bring them in. We outgrew our former location and now we are here; God is awesome.”

With an even larger shop space, Gibson is confident that her valued patrons over the years and new ones as well, will enjoy her new location and what JJ’s Bargains has to offer.

Being able to keep her shop doors open in an ever-sluggish Grand Bahamian economy, for more than 20 years, Gibson was questioned how she was able to accomplish such a feat.

The proprietor adamantly expressed that, unfortunately, while other business establishments were unable to keep their doors open over the years, she wholeheartedly attributes the success of her longstanding business to her faith and trust in God.

“I came in here at 5:00 this morning, all by myself, just praising Him, to see how awesome He is. Thinking about where I have come from; He is just awesome! God is good; look at where He brought me from and where I am today.”

Sharing her inspiring story, Gibson became emotional as she described the journey, noting that it was by no means easy.
However, she noted that with her faith and trust in God, she overcame the obstacles and continues to bask in His glory.
“I take no credit for this, I give Him all of the glory because it is because of Him that I am here today. That is why I remain humble; the more He blesses me, the more I humble myself. You have to remain humble.

“Some people may not like you, but that is life; in spite of them not liking you, you still have to love them, in spite of what they do and watch God move.

“God has used me as an instrument, that is all it has been. It is not us … we often sit back and criticize when God is doing things in our lives. This may be your season, mine may be later; we have to rejoice with one another.

“There may be things that we do not like about one another, but we have to respect each other for who they are,” Gibson shared.

An inspiration to many, the businesswoman shared that anything is possible, once God is at the helm of anything one sets their mind to. “Look what the Lord God has done! Single women, you can do it … put God first. I did it and so can you. I am a single woman, a parent to two children. Get your priorities right, do not lean on man, but instead trust in God. Sometimes you have to cut back on things to get what you truly want; you cannot have everything. In life it is all about process.

“You have to be obedient and listen to God; you listen to all of the negative words going around you, listen to the voice of God instead. When I could not see my way out with the money, I sowed and that is how I got my breakthrough. Look what He has done, He is amazing, I cannot stop thanking and praising Him because of what He has done for me.”

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