Grand Bahama Power grid modernization well underway

MODERNIZATION – Local civil contractors, FES Construction, began civil work for the Grid Modernization Project in early December. The Project, which includes the implementation of a battery energy storage system, or “PowerStore” will be installed on the east side of GBPC’s West Sunrise Plant. (Photo courtesy of the GBPC)

Grid modernization at the Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) is well underway with the installation of nine megawatts of battery storage.

Representatives from the GBPC informed this daily of updates customers can look forward to this new year on Thursday (January 10).

Over $8.5 million is being invested in a state-of-the-art energy storage facility that will address the frequency and voltage fluctuations that often strike Grand Bahama’s electricity grid and enable the Island’s electricity system to integrate solar and other intermittent energy sources.

GBPC President and Chief Operating Officer, Dave McGregor stated that batteries serve as the foundation for investments in intermittent energies such as solar.

“The system will provide sufficient energy storage for the integration of  five megawatts of utility scale solar energy, will include capacity to enable the future implementation of additional solar generation, and will solve ongoing power quality issues that occur as a result of the fluctuating power requirements of our valued industrial customers,” he said.

The electrical grid on Grand Bahama Island is susceptible to frequency swings due to the operational requirements of some of its large industrial customers.

“To meet these customers’ demands while maintaining reliable service to all customers, we often require a higher than normal spinning reserve, which is the extra generating capacity created by increasing the power output of our generators,” he explained.

ABB, a technology leader in modern power systems, will design, develop and construct the new facility, using local labour resources. The GBPC team will be fully trained to assume operation and maintenance of the new battery energy storage system prior to commissioning.

“Our staff will be fully trained to assume operation and maintenance of the new battery energy storage system, and will be directly responsible for site preparation, electrical design and procurement, and grid interconnection works,” he added.

GPBC’s battery storage, which is a key component to grid modernization will be commissioned in April 2019.

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