Genesis Academy learn Rotarians are all about ‘service above self’

President of the Rotary Club of Sunset, Dr. Freeman Lockhart (right) presented the principal of Genesis Academy, Ricardo Major (left), with a check from the club and its members to assist with programs at the school. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSEL)

With ‘Service Above Self’ as the mantra behind the Rotary International Organization, locally, Rotary Clubs throughout the island continue to positively impact the communities in which they exist, the Rotary Club of Sunset being no exception.

Recently the club made a monetary donation to the Genesis Academy, as a result of funds accumulated during one of their fund-raising efforts earlier this year.

Genesis Academy was established over 20 years ago for students that were having challenges in the mainstream educational system.

Dr. Freeman Lockhart, President of the Rotary Club of Sunset along with members of the club, travelled to the Genesis Academy to personally present the funds, derived from the club’s Art Fusion, which was held under the theme, ‘The Journey.’

The art show took place on May 27 at the Rand Nature Centre.

Presenting the check to the principal of Genesis Academy, Ricardo Major, President Lockhart expressed, “On behalf of the Rotary Club of Sunset, we would like to make this donation to the Genesis Academy. We are hoping that you can take this small donation and do whatever you see fit, for the benefit of the young men and women you have here at this establishment.

“I would hate to think that this is the end of partnering with you. We will make every effort to assist you as much as we can, further along.”

Gratefully accepting the donation, Major thanked the Rotarians for their continued commitment to the learning institution, noting that the Rotary Club of Sunset has assisted the Academy in the past and looks forward to their continued kind gestures.

“I would like to say, publically, that this demonstrates to me that you and your club are committed; because this is not the first time that you have made a donation to us. We are indeed excited that you have come on board, realizing what it is that we are doing here and not deciding to come and just give a one-time donation, but you have been here throughout.

“As a matter of fact your club is responsible for the mural that is painted here, with our chess program that we have going on here as well, and the persons that continue to assist us with that,” said Major.

“Thank you so much, we are so pleased that you were able to do this. Working with our young people here, this will indeed go a long way. We are first of all going to earmark a majority of this going towards getting our Aquaponics Project completed and, up and running.”

Benjamin Ferguson Jr., member of the Rotary Club of Sunset, coordinated the Art Fusion event on behalf of the club. He thanked the number of sponsors that contributed to the event. making it a success. They included BTC, Grand Central Liquors, FOCOL, The Painting Bar, Taino Beach Resort & Pretty Little Secrets among others as well as the artisans that participated Sheldon Saint, Alisa Streather-Robinson, Matthew Wildgoose, Lamaro Smith, Alfred Anderson, Allan Jones and himself.

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