GB Sanitation Services make move toward Improving service

IMPROVING SERVICE – After years of providing superior garbage collection services to residents on Grand Bahama, Sanitation Services is hoping to bring its operation even more in line with international standards. The move would see the company’s fleet of trucks outfitted with tippers eliminating traditional hindrances to garbage collection. (Photo courtesy of Grand Bahama Sanitation for Barefoot Marketing)

Known as the ‘Magic City,’ Freeport has long been hailed for its planned residential communities and clean streets. This has been due largely in part to the superior standard in waste management and garbage collection set by Grand Bahama’s Sanitation Services Company, over many years.

As the island’s population has swelled and shifted however, scores of customers have had to contend with overturned bins left behind by stray dogs, an increase in the rodent population and inferior collection bins.

With this in mind, Sanitation Services is moving to address these issues and bring its operation more in line with international standards for trash collection through the introduction of a new system which would provide galvanized garbage bins for each of its seven thousand residential customers.

“For years now, customers have borne the responsibility of providing and maintaining their own trash receptacles” explained Sanitation General Manager, Lou Carroll. “What we are proposing is that we, the company, take on that responsibility, at a cost. We would not only provide the bins but also maintain them as well, and improve the standards of bins while changing bins that are damaged at our cost.”

To execute, the company’s fleet of garbage trucks would be outfitted with ‘Tippers’ which would make collection much easier and limit the exposure to potentially harmful and toxic waste, which garbage technicians are currently required to handle in the field.
“At present, there are numerous hindrances to our collection efforts and those issues have major implications for the health of our employees and for the environment as a whole, “added Carroll.

The new initiative would represent an overall investment of nearly half-a-million dollars, which would translate into an additional increase to the customer, but of no more than a dollar or two per month on their collections billing.
“In these economic times, we understand that for our customers every dollar counts, which is why our clients will be given the opportunity to weigh in on this proposal via an island-wide survey,” said Carroll.

The survey, which was released to the public via the online services of 242 New Bahamas, a subsidiary of Barefoot Marketing, has been designed to ascertain customer satisfaction with their current services and gauge the public’s willingness to pay for upgrades to the system.

“Grand Bahama, especially Freeport, is known for its cleanliness,” said Caroll. “We feel this upgrade will enhance the look of our garbage areas, reduce the costs of maintaining these by homeowners and keep our city clean and pristine!”
Those who are currently not subscribed to 242 News Bahamas can participate in the survey online by visiting

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