Former City Market workers say, they have yet to be paid

SPEAKING OUT — Former employees of City Market staged a demonstration in front of the Garnet Levarity Justice Center on Wednesday, March 7 calling on the powers that be to see that they are paid what is owed to them. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

The displaced City Markets/Winn Dixie employees held a demonstration outside the Garnet Levarity Justice Center on Wednesday, March 7 airing their frustrations with the “men in power,” who have yet to pay their severance and pension after being jobless for the past six years.

Ready for the injustice to cease and every cent of that which is rightfully owed paid immediately, fellow displaced employee and group spokesperson Victoria Allen, who had been employed by City Markets/Winn Dixie for over two decades said, since the closure of the food store she and her former colleagues entered into court proceedings in order to receive the outstanding funds belonging to them.

She added that while they won their case against the owners of City Markets/Winn Dixie in June 2015, they have yet to be paid.

Armed with placards and a determination not only to be heard, but also receive their due, Allen said, “The time for closure in this matter is long overdue, as it has been six years since we have been battling to get that which is owed to us!”

Alleging that the Pensioners Warehouse Building has been sold and the funds derived from the sale divided amongst the owners and trustees of City Markets/Winn Dixie, Allen declared it is downright shameful that the owners have no conscience for the plight of the displaced workers, who have earned every penny owed and simply want their just desserts.

“We received a judgment by the Supreme Court here in Freeport, Grand Bahama for us to be paid, but that has been blatantly ignored.

“Furthermore, we have a court matter going on in Nassau, New Providence today (March 8) and are praying for justice to be exacted.

“Our lawyer Rashad Martin is before the Registrar cross-examining one of the trustees and exercising due diligence to ensure that real closure is brought to bear,” claimed Allen.

“Since we lost our jobs more than 40 employees have passed on before receiving their severance and pension, many have not been able to gain employment, even more are suffering from numerous health issues and are simply waiting on their funds to receive the care and treatment necessary.

“Again, all we want is that which is rightfully ours, we have worked for it,” declared Allen, who also expressed irritation with the government, as she alleges they have not provided the assistance necessary to move this process along.

Allen alleged that the group’s lawyer has met with the Attorney General as well as the Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest, but have yet to receive any word that offer a glimmer of hope or benefit for the former City Markets/Winn Dixie employees.

“Please, we need to know what they are going to do to help us, especially as we have been left in such a poor condition, only looking for justice and closure in this matter,” Allen maintained.

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