DEVCO launches express line to better serve customers

CHARISSE BROWN, Senior Legal Counsel

The Grand Bahama Development Company (DEVCO) is aiming to enhance their customer service experience with the introduction of an express line.

The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) hosted a press conference for the line’s launch on Wednesday (September 5).

Charisse Brown, Senior Legal Counsel at Grand Bahama Development Company (DEVCO) explained the company’s latest upgrade.

She stated that the express line was created for persons making payments to the Lucaya Service Company (LUSCO) and property payments to DEVCO.

“LUSCO is the company that maintains all of DEVCO’s subdivisions in Lucaya,” she said.

Brown explained that the line provides and easy and fast experience for customers, because it is solely dedicated to them.

“Previously they had to go to the Port Authority cashiers and now they can go directly to them,” she said.
She said that the company recognized that customers were having queries and concerns regarding their bills and so this express line was a way to address that.

“Rather than them move to another person they can deal directly with their queries,” she noted.
Brown encouraged customers to take advantage of the express line and to have their bills available when they do come. “We are here to serve you.”

She added that the Customer Service Department is located in the same building as the express line just in case customers need access to it.

This is not the first customer-based initiative that DEVCO has launched this year. DEVCO’s property maintenance firm recently launched a new website to improve customer engagement and overall service.
The new website provides information showcasing what LUSCO does; which areas it services; and all new initiatives relevant to LUSCO’s customers.

Brown noted that to further enhance the customer experience DEVCO will be allowing customers to pay online in the coming months.

“You will have the ability to make your payments online at for your services charge payment and online to,” she said.

Brown furthered that the company also wants to launch a cash and go service because they know many people utilize that.

Brown revealed that DEVCO is also focusing on appealing to customers on other islands.
She explained that there has been an increase in land sales and are now focusing on their New Providence market.

“We actually had a good broad base in Nassau and it fell off in the past three years so we need to recapture that market,” she said.

This is all related to the company’s mission which is progressive master planning, sale and development of vacant land in east Grand Bahama, cultivating a sustained socio-economic growth for the island, through improved synergies with national, regional and international agencies.

The Grand Bahama Development Company Limited (DEVCO) owns over 70,000 acres of land on Grand Bahama Island.

DEVCO is responsible for master planning most of the land zoned for tourist/commercial and residential use within the city of Freeport. DEVCO undertakes development in its own right as well as selling land to third party Developers.

As the Master Developer for the City of Freeport DEVCO has developed approximately 40,000 individual lots in 45 subdivisions and a seven mile fully bulk headed seawater canal system.

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