Deep Water Cay owners working toward adding five star flag partner hotel

Managing Partner President of Deep Water Cay, Paul R. Vahldiek Jr. stated that he and his partners are working hard to add a five star flag partner hotel and special amenities to the resort. Vahldiek Jr. made the disclosure, during a recent interview with this daily.

Vahldiek Jr. said that Deep Water Cay executives are dedicated to providing five star services for guests and a unique experience.

According to Vahldiek Jr., he along with his partners acquired ownership of Deep Water Cay at the end of 2009 and have invested tens of millions of dollars since that time.

“We look forward to adding more to the local economy and sustainability of the environment and this community,” he said.

He furthered that there are cabanas for sale as well as lots for rent at the resort and looks forward to announcing more about their pans in the near future.
Deep Water Cay was primarily known as a fishing resort, but now offers amenities for the entire family to enjoy, such as kayaking, sailing, private lunches, beaches, even massages.

These added activities cater to a broader clientele, which often results in longer stays for guests.

Deep Water Cay is located off the east end of Grand Bahama on 120 acres and just 112 miles from Palm Beach.

Deep Water Cay was founded by Palm Beach guide Gil Drake Sr. and Field and Stream editor A.J. McClane. Their love for bone fishing led them to the lands off the East End of Grand Bahama, where they established Deep Water Cay, the legendary Bahamas fishing resort. Soon after, other anglers and their families as well as some of the top guides in the Bahamas joined them.

Deep Water Cay has continued to evolve into the ultimate Bahamas fishing resort.

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