Construction agreement signed for the ‘new’ Zion Baptist

ZION REBUILDING — Senior pastor Rev. Peter Pinder (left), former President of the Grand Bahama Christian Council, along with members of the church’s Building Committee announced that a new home for the church will be constructed, after their first home was destroyed by fire some six years ago. Pinnacle Investment Construction Company Limited has been secured as the contractor for the project. Pictured at right is Michael Edwards, President of Pinnacle Investment Construction Company Limited. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

Just over six years ago, a staple in the Grand Bahama community, Zion Baptist Community Church, East Sunrise Highway was destroyed by fire; however, the membership church continued to persevere and spread the gospel of Christ.

As a result of their perseverance and faith on Wednesday, March 20, senior pastor Rev. Peter Pinder, former President of the Grand Bahama Christian Council, along with members of the church’s Building Committee announced that a new home for the church will be constructed.

Meeting at the office of the Pinnacle Investment Construction Company Limited on West Sunrise Highway, Pinder recalled, “On March 13, 2013 our church was destroyed by a fire. Since that time, we have engaged in many fund-raising efforts to bring us to this point. And so, we are very excited and very delighted that today we are signing an agreement with a contractor, Pinnacle Investment Construction Company, to lead in the erection of our new church building.

“We are very grateful that God has opened this door for us. Mr. (Michael) Edwards, (President, Pinnacle Investment Construction Company Ltd.) has a long history with our church and we are very pleased that we were able to reach an understanding that he would be the contractor that will lead in the construction of our church.”

Pinder continued, “We are here today, with the Chairman of our Building Committee, Nello Moxey, and other members of our committee. We are very grateful for the work that they have done and will now have to do going forward, to ensure that this project comes to a very successful conclusion.

“Today is a great day and we look forward, with great anticipation on how God will lead us.”

Edwards acknowledged that he was pleased to be selected to construct the new Zion Baptist Church.

“On behalf of the Management and Board of Directors of Pinnacle Construction Company, we are very excited and pleased to have been awarded the contract for the construction of what I always refer to as the ‘new’ New Zion. We will make every effort … our past experience in the construction industry will be the driving force in us bringing this project to a very successful conclusion in a timely manner.

“I am delighted, as Rev. (Pinder) indicated I have a long history with the Zion community, particularly with Rev. Peter Pinder and all of the members, so I am pleased that we have been awarded the contract to see the erection and completion of this building.

“Going forward, we are making an appeal to the community, in any way that they can, to assist the church in bringing this to a successful conclusion,” said Edwards.

Questioned on the time frame of the construction, Edwards answered, “The time frame we are looking at is a period between 18 to 20 months, from start to completion.”

As it relates to the particulars of the cost of the construction, Edwards shared that details of that would not be shared at this time; however, he expressed that the proposed structure is an edifice and will cost quite a bit of money.

“That is why I am making an appeal to the general community and corporate Grand Bahama, in any way that they can, to assist the church. As you know Zion, like most of the churches are basically community efforts and are non-profit organizations and so every little helps,” Edwards added.

He concluded that the work will begin immediately.

Following the announcement an agreement was entered between Pinnacle Investment Company Limited and Zion Baptist Community Church.

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