Chances Games is not closing its doors

Raymond R.H Culmer (left)

Raymond R.H. Culmer, CEO of Jarol Investments Ltd. and Chances Games, in an interview with this daily on Wednesday, April 26, dispelled recent rumors that Chances Games would be shutting down.

“Chances is not shutting down,” declared Culmer. “Staff and customers can be assured that we are here to stay.”

He added that Chances does have an ongoing court case and is seeking a determination from the courts on whether the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) would give them a gaming license and tax them on a level comparable to the Gaming Board and the Government of The Bahamas.

Culmer stated that Chances would abide by the outcome of the court proceedings.

“We have been all in from the time the legalization of this industry has began,” he said.

Culmer said that Chances employs over 400 persons, operates almost 80 locations and pay their substantial taxes and other obligations on time.

“Our suppliers and landlords are so much happier, because of our being in business,” he maintained.

He added that resulting businesses that have been generated by Chances have also been very substantial.

Culmer questioned why Chances would be rumored to be shutting down, when allegedly there are illegal operators operating with impunity.

According to Culmer, gaming houses like Chances are seen as being very profitable when that is not always the case.

“We just had a casino closed and I’m sure taxes were not paid because it was not profitable,” he claimed.

Culmer added that other industries in Grand Bahama make much more money than the gaming industry.

Culmer’s attorney Carlson Shurland reiterated that Chances Games is not going anywhere.

“They’ve been here for 20 years and they will continue to give stellar services as part of their motto,” he said.
Culmer maintained that the rumors, which were brought on by the current case had created panic amongst his staff; therefore, it was important to make a statement regarding the business’s operational status.

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