Castaways Resorts and Suites committed to attracting local guests

CASTAWAYS REWARDS BAHAMIAN CLIENTLE – Castaways Resorts and Suites recently held a raffle that afforded all of their Bahamian guests a chance to win roundtrip tickets for two on-board the Celebration in partnership with JAGs. Winner of the tickets was Dr. Therese Bonamy. Pictured from left to right are Anthony Cooper, Director of Security and Human Resources Manager, Castaways Resorts and Suites; Wendy Carroll, Financial Controller, Castaways Resorts and Suites; Veron Grant, Sales and Marketing Manager, Castaways Resorts and Suites; Ann Ellis, Executive Housekeeper, Castaways Resorts and Suites and Elaine Pinder, Director of Operations, Castaways Resorts and Suites. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

In an effort to attract domestic guests to the longstanding resort, Castaways Resorts and Suites, The Mall Drive has embarked on one of a kind promotional campaign, exclusively for Bahamians.

Bahamians taking advantage of the offer will also be eligible to participate in a raffle, where they get the opportunity to win a round trip for two adults on board the Celebration to West Palm Beach.

The latter was a promotion in conjunction with JAGS International Services and the tickets were picked up by executives of the resort, recently.

Director of Operations, Castaways Resort and Suites and Flamingo Restaurant Elaine Pinder, noted prior to the drawing, “Today, we are having a drawing for this Bahamian Promotions Special that we offered to our Bahamian citizens. No matter which island they are from, once they stayed here at Castaways, they had the opportunity to win a trip on board the Grand Celebration or the Grand Classica.

“The guests that filled out the form were entered into the drawing (raffle). Today, we are here to pull the name of that lucky person that stayed here with us, enjoyed their stay and hopefully they will enjoy their cruise into West Palm Beach.

“We started this raffle in January of this year. Following this drawing we will have another one that will be drawn in December, which will be a round trip for two on board the Balearia, which will be open to Bahamians only,” explained Pinder.

She shared a bit about the resort and its offerings. “The resort itself is one that has been established since 1967. We are located in the International Bazaar area; we do have a lot of guests that come in but we basically cater now to our local Bahamians.”

The resort consists of 118 rooms, she added.

“We also have The Flamingo Restaurant and we offer Friday lunch specials at $6.99. The food here is great; the restaurant is open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. daily and from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily, for dinner. We are closed for lunch with the exception of Friday. We also cater to locals, whether they wish to host a wedding reception, or a baby shower, we are here to serve our Bahamian people,” concluded Pinder.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Castaways Resorts and Suites Veron Grant, explained the gist behind the resort’s exclusive offering to Bahamian guests.

“What we were driving towards was to basically drum up sales at the Castaway Resorts and Suites and as many resorts like ours. We usually focus on the international market with regard to Expedia,, Priceline and the like. I thought, in sharing with the managers here that we needed to focus on the domestic market. That domestic market is comprised of the locals, Bahamians.

“In order to target them, we have to offer them something. We came up with this wonderful, affordable rate. Every Bahamian that came in had to produce a form of identification, Passport or other form that proves they are Bahamian.

“Once they produced that we gave them that particular rate. In this rate, all of the gratuities, service charges, room rates are included, and, the next morning they are treated to a complimentary, continental Bahamian breakfast,” explained Grant.

Grant continued that offering such a discounted rate to Bahamians, regardless of which island throughout the country they call home, many Bahamians have taken advantage of the offer by Castaways Resorts and Suites and the opportunity to win a round trip for two on board the Celebration or Grand Classica was indeed an added incentive.

“The promotion has been working and, to add to that, we sought to include the raffle for the trip, where they would be eligible for a trip on board the Celebration.

“It has been working well; it is advertised in The Freeport News, it is on all of the social media platforms and so Bahamians are coming here and they are enjoying the benefit.

“They say they love the rate, and it is something that we want to continue. We have seen the increase in revenue; it is another area to target and so that is what we are doing. It is a good bang for the buck and Bahamians throughout the Archipelago of The Bahamas, are coming, they are calling and they are embracing this special promotional rate, given by Castaways Resorts and Suites,” informed Grant.

“The raffle was made possible by Castaways Resorts and Suites, in conjunction with JAGS International. Mr. James Turner (President, JAGS International) has also partnered with us with regard to this.

“This is all about Bahamians coming together and focusing on Bahamians. Our resort is fully and totally Bahamian owned and operated and so we find it necessary to give back in this form of a promotion, added the Sales and Marketing Manager.

As this is the first year that Castaways Resorts and Suites has offered such a promotion to their Bahamian guests, Grant shared that it is definitely not the last.

“This is the first year with this special promotion going on and we shall continue it. Come December we will have another drawing, which will be for the Balaeria. We will see what the year 2020 brings forth and I believe that we will continue the promotion.

With respect to the Flamingo Resort, located on premises, Grant shared, “Flamingo Restaurant has been around since the inception of the resort. It is a Bahamian and American cuisine restaurant but we mostly specialize in Bahamian cuisine.”

“As it relates to their Friday lunch specials he shared that it is all in an effort to promote to their Bahamian populous, entering them and to wine, dine and stay with us here at Castaways Resorts and Suites.

“Theresa Saunders, is our Manager at the Flamingo Restaurant.

“The restaurant is pulling Bahamians in with our special offerings and when they come on the property we have the Bahamian promotional rate; you really cannot go wrong with that.

In conclusion he noted, “I would like to thank the public for supporting us. We will do all that we can to offer good value for their dollar as we encourage them to come and stay with us.

“We appeal to the international market but we have not forgotten our domestic product and that is that we rely and depend on, our Bahamian populous to give us their support.

“They do come by, lots of them do travel on the weekends for special events, travelling from Nassau, Abaco and Bimini, coming to Grand Bahama for special events such as funerals, weddings, church services and holidays. We have a wonderful product to offer and deliver, for Bahamians to experience,” acknowledged Grant.

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