Camp Tycoon to focus on entrepreneurship

YOUNG TYCOONS – Three young Grand Bahamian entrepreneurs have combined their skills and talents to share their knowledge of entrepreneurship with other young persons interested in becoming business owners, during their upcoming Camp Tycoon Entrepreneurship Summer Camp. Pictured from left to right are the Camp’s Coordinators Denzal Swain Jr., Sasha Pinder and Creighton K. Moxey. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Three young Grand Bahamian entrepreneurs are embarking on an initiative to spark, inspire and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs with their unique upcoming event, Camp Tycoon: Entrepreneurship Summer Camp

Camp Coordinators Sasha Pinder, Denzal Swain Jr., and Creighton K. Moxey are hopeful that participants of the camp will walk away from the three-week journey, with a greater sense and appreciation that they too can aspire to become entrepreneurs themselves while completing their secondary education. The trio are also hopeful that participating students will also visualize themselves as business owners, post their high school careers as well.

Speaking with this daily on Friday (May 3) Pinder, Swain Jr., and Moxey shared what participants can expect when the camp is launched in July.

Pinder said that Camp Tycoon is the first of its kind to be held in The Bahamas.

“Camp Tycoon is The Bahamas’ first entrepreneurship summer camp. The purpose of the summer camp is to equip adolescents for entrepreneurship and prepare them to become business owners in The Bahamas.

“We want to help and train, professionally, students to become business owners. For example, what they need to know to apply to the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) for a license and so on, because that is something that is not taught in schools,” she said.

Swain Jr., added, “We have a planned syllabus that the students will follow. First and foremost, throughout the entire camp, we will take them through the steps of a business plan; we will also include customer service training by certified trainers from BahamaHost; courses and exercises for critical thinking, finance planning and finance projections, licensing and trademarking.

“We will also provide field trips, reaching out to various businesses, so they will be able to see how they run, giving them the opportunity to speak with those business owners to get an idea on what takes place in the day-to-day running and operations.

“Also, we will discuss marketing strategies and help them come up with their own.

“There are a number of other aspects of the camp, including group activities and helping them to form their own mock businesses as well,” expressed Swain.

Camp Coordinator K. Moxey, appealed to the general public to become a part of the upcoming initiative.

“When I look at our educational system, we have a lot of people that spend a lot of money trying to educate their children on various things. While there are some useful things, there are also a lot of things that are often left out.

“At this camp, what we want to do is cover the things that people will really need to advance themselves in life. We will do that by teaching various things about entrepreneurship,” he disclosed.

“I believe that this is something that persons can invest in and get a return on their investment; not just short-term returns, but long-term returns on your investments.

“We usually invest in things that often give people fish, but we want to teach people to fish for themselves and become self-sustainable and advance our nation,” Moxey explained.

As all three camp coordinators are themselves entrepreneurs, they were questioned how a camp as theirs would have impacted their advancement in entrepreneurship, had it been around for them during their senior years of high school.

Pinder commented, “If this was around when I first realized that I wanted to become an entrepreneur, because I always knew that I wanted to be a business owner … but it is almost as secret jewels, persons tend to keep their information a secret and you have to fight way too heard, especially the younger you are, to do what you want to do in terms of being a business owner.

“If a camp like this was around when I was a student, I would have most definitely jumped on board, immediately, and I probably would have been further in my career.”

In response to the question Swain Jr., added, “A lot of people have skills, but they do not realize they can make it a business. Many persons want to do things, but only see it on the path as a career as an employee. For example, they may want to be a mechanic and so they seek employment at a mechanic shop. However, if we provide this knowledge to kids coming out of school, who are in these courses, they will realize that they do not have to come out of school looking for a job. Instead, they can come out with a plan that perhaps they and a few other mechanics can start … getting a shop and running it themselves.

“The entire point of the camp is to give young persons another option.”

Moxey noted, “Exposure is so important. If you are exposed to new things you are able to gather a different perspective and are able to tap into those things.”

The camp’s duration is three weeks, July 8 – 26, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Freeport LIONS’ Clubhouse, Beachway Drive.

The deadline for registration is June 24 and seating for the event is limited. Applications for the upcoming camp will be available at all local high schools, as the camp is geared toward students ages 14 to 18 in Grades 10 through 12.

“You do not have to be a business student to be a part of it. As long as you are between the ages of 14 to 18, you are welcomed to participate,” concluded Pinder.

Pinder is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ‘Be my Guest’ Special events, an event planning and marketing firm, while Swain Jr., is the owner and founder of M.A.D.E. Digital which focuses on business development, marketing, website development and logo designs.

Moxey is the Chief Marketing Officer (CFO) of Immerse Global, where they offer business consultancy and marketing services. “We develop in depth business plans and we also offer marketing services to various companies,” stated the CFO.

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