Bullard-Hamilton: BPSU needs restructuring and rebuilding

Tasha Bullard-Hamilton, newly elected Northern Region Area Vice President and her team, thanked public servants throughout the northern region for their overwhelming support recently shown at The Bahamas Public Service Union (BPSU) elections.

Tasha Bullard-Hamilton, newly elected Northern Region Area Vice President, thanked public servants throughout the northern region for their overwhelming support recently shown at The Bahamas Public Service Union (BPSU) elections.

Bullard-Hamilton noted that the support demonstrated public servants’ faith in the Worker’s Team.
Flanked by colleagues during a press briefing held on Monday, October 1, Bullard-Hamilton stated, “Certainly I am happy to say that the Worker’s Team emerged victorious at the BPSU Election Polls on September 28, 2017 and we are grateful to God for bringing us through.

“The enthusiasm we saw displayed on Election Day was quite impressive and I challenge voters who did not support the Worker’s Team, to still come out and give your support as there remains a role for each and every one of you to play in the BPSU, as it relates to the revitalization of our organization.”
She added, “definitely it was evident, when reviewing the competitors’ platform that each one showcased, a few of the concerns expressed in a repetitive manner. And while everyone felt that the agency shop is of vital importance to the growth of this organization, it was apparent that we all fervently believe that the BPSU needs restructuring and rebuilding.

“Personally, my team and I believe, wholeheartedly, that the membership should feel the benefits of this their organization. So with that, once again, we encourage each and every member not to shy away from the BPSU, because the team you were desirous of winning was unsuccessful. Instead, come and help us as there is much work to be done.”

Appreciative of the assistance provided by those colleagues who worked directly with the Worker’s Team to secure the win at the polls, Bullard-Hamilton noted that everyone tirelessly exhausted every effort and thanked all on behalf of the newly elected BPSU President, Kinsley Ferguson, as well as all of the new executive officers.

She revealed that members of the BPSU must join in solidarity to make the union stronger than it has been in the past, so that a bright future can be realized.

Bullard-Hamilton vowed that with the support of all concerned both she and her team, will help the organization ascend to the respected level it once boasted of.

Pausing to discuss one of the main items that tops the list of improvements she intends to execute in her post as Northern Region Area Vice President, Bullard-Hamilton said, “Of course, my team and I want to hit the ground running as it relates to rebuilding relationships with all members.

“Definitely it is quite unfortunate that during the elections we witnessed that the process brought out the best behaviors in some, while in others the exact opposite occurred.

“Again, we are extending the olive branch to those persons who opposed us and we are declaring that we are one unit, everyone is welcomed to help effect positive change as it is the union for all, hence we must rebuild it together.

“Secondly, we intend to embark on a massive membership drive throughout The Bahamas, as along the campaign trail my team and I discovered that there were a lot of members who lost interest in the BPSU.

“Many claimed not to feel or see the benefit of being a part of the organization and we committed to them then, and remain committed now, to sit with them, listen to their concerns, develop a way to address the same and work together to build up the BPSU in a manner in which they could be proud.”

Bullard-Hamilton also revealed that she and her team are keenly looking at ways in which they can provide help for contractual workers in the public service.

Contractual employment has been one that is a bone of contention for most throughout The Bahamas as well as the Commonwealth Nations.

According to Bullard-Hamilton, the BPSU is of the view that the treatment doled out to such workers is unjustifiable, as in their view employees are employees and there should not be any distinction between those who are fortunate to have been made permanent and pensionable, as opposed to those hired on a contractual basis.

Noting that she and her team are passionate in their quest to have the matters regarding contractual workers efficiently addressed, Bullard-Hamilton stated, “We intend to dedicate time to providing assistance in whatever way possible to help those that are perturbed by the treatment received as contractual workers.

“While we understand that at this point there is not much we can do to have the matter rectified per se, we will be working to see how best we can have those issues addressed.

“As it relates to re-establishing strained relationships with the BPSU membership and recruiting the younger body of public servants to join the organization, my body would be the first that has a youth arm representative sitting on it.

“Along with a chairperson there will be a co-chairperson, one male and one female and we are hopeful that they would be able to reach their peers.

“We look forward to an exciting three-year term ahead and we intend to work hard to restore the BPSU with the help of all its current members, while encouraging those inactive to get involved and recruiting new additions into the fold.

“Solidarity forever, for the union makes us strong!”

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